Writtle College launches lecture series to showcase experts

A conversation between plantswoman Beth Chatto and photographer Jerry Harpur will launch a lecture series at Writtle College.

Organised by Writtle College student James Hearsum, the event on 17 November will be the first in a series of monthly lectures titled Gardens and Plantsmanship.

The full series comprises: Chatto in conversation with Harpur; nurseryman John Massey speaking on Ashwood Hybrid Hellebores on 8 December; and landscape designer Andrew Wilson discussing the principles of planting design on 26 January.

During a session on 23 February, Tom Hart-Dyke will recount his experiences as a plant explorer, while Dan Hinckley will present a lecture on 12 March entitled Making Windcliff: From Shadow to Sun. The series ends on 20 April with garden designer John Brookes talking about his 50-year career.

- Lectures are at 7.30pm at Writtle College. Series tickets are £48 and £36 for students. Email: james.hearsum@writtle.ac.uk.

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