Westland seeks lawn academy students

Westland Lawn Academy opens its doors to garden centre staff in the New Year.

The academy will follow the consumer journey all the way from product education to problem solving and merchandising guidance. There will be five training courses in the UK and Ireland in the following locations:

Peterborough – January 14, 2016 – Westland Merchandising Centre

Taunton – January 21, 2016 – Monkton Elm Garden Centre

Preston – January 28, 2016 – Barton Grange Garden Centre

Edinburgh – February 16, 2016 – St Johnston Football Club, Perth

Dublin – February 24, 2016 – Carton House Hotel

Daniela Constantine, brand Manager for lawncare at Westland said: "We believe garden centre staff are key to lawncare participation. The right customer engagement can really affect your turnover at the point of sale."

To book your place on the training course, sign up online at http://trade.gardenhealth.com/ or email lawnacademy@westlandhorticulture.com. Closing date is November 30.

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