Top 50 TV garden presenters

Monty Don - credit: BBC

With the current run of Gardeners' World coming to an end and calls for a winter series of the BBC show turned down, armchair gardeners will have to watch TV gardening on catch-up until the spring, when Monty Don returns backed by Adam Frost and Co.

Love Your Garden is set to be back on ITV too, as is Garden Rescue, but shows coverage may have to be another highlights reel if coronavirus crisis causes cancellations again.

Here's our exclusive list of Britain's top 50 most influential gardening TV stars. Do you agree? Email with comments.

  • Monty Don: Gardeners' World, Chelsea Flower Show, American Gardens etc
  • Alan Titchmarsh: Love Your Garden
  • Adam Frost: Gardeners' World
  • Charlie Dimmock: Garden Rescue
  • Rich Brothers: Garden Rescue
  • Arit Anderson: Gardeners' World, Garden Rescue
  • David Domoney: Love Your Garden, Saturday Morning with James Martin
  • Rachel de Thame: Gardeners' World
  • Frances Tophill: Love Your Garden, Gardener's World
  • Joe Swift: Gardeners' World, Chelsea
  • Carol Klein: Gardeners' World
  • George Anderson: Beechgrove Garden
  • Christine Walkden: The One Show
  • Toby Buckland: Chelsea, ex Gardeners' World
  • Nick Bailey: Gardeners' World
  • Diarmuid Gavin: Gardening Together
  • Chris Beardshaw: Beechgrove Garden
  • Katie Rushworth: Love Your Garden
  • Mark Lane: Gardeners' World
  • Danny Clarke: The Instant Gardener
  • Juliet Sargeant: Chelsea
  • Alys Fowler: ex Gardeners' World
  • James Wong: Chelsea
  • Carole Baxter: Beechgrove
  • Brian Cunningham: Beechgrove
  • Kirsty Wilson: Beechgrove
  • Peter Seabrook: ex Pebble Mill, ex Gardeners' World, Victory Garden
  • Michael Perry: QVC, This Morning
  • Roy Lancaster: ex Gardeners' World
  • Chris Collins: ex Blue Peter
  • Advolly Richmond: Gardener's World
  • Pippa Greenwood: GQT
  • Matthew Wilson: GQT
  • James Alexander-Sinclair: Great Chelsea Garden Challenge, Celebrity Eggheads
  • Matt Biggs: GQT
  • Bob Flowerdew: GQT
  • Chris Baines: ex Pebble Mill, Gardeners' World
  • Bunny Guinness: GQT
  • Jim McColl: ex Beechgrove
  • Sarah Raven
  • Anne Swithinbank: GQT
  • Andy Sturgeon: Chelsea
  • Dan Pearson
  • Flo Headlam: ex Gardener's World
  • Alan Gardner: Autistic Gardener
  • Kim Wilde
  • Tommy Walsh: ex Groundforce
  • Matt James
  • Stefan Buczacki
  • Lee Connolly: Skinny Jean Gardener
  • George Hassall: Greenfingered George Blue Peter
  • Nellie Don: Gardener's World

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