Top 30 September stories at Horticulture Week - catch up on what garden industry leaders have been reading


HortWeek's sector-leading Top 175 UK garden centres report leads the most read stories at in September. The comprehensive report gives full details of garden retail performance and more. 

Expanding nurseries is the second most clicked on story, while the death of Four Oaks' Pat Coutts led to tributes from many in the industry.

Also well-read were easy-to-read round-ups and analysis of sector issues and reports such as reaction to the Ornamental Horticulture Round Table's £42bn report, labour, price rises, labour, fuel and gas crises and plant health.

Exclusive, real-time, hands-on reports on Glee and Chelsea, rounding up trends, products and reaction, were popular as physical shows returned.

1. Top 175 garden centres

2. Five growers expansion plans

3. Obituaries of leading horticulture figures who died in 2021

4. Tributes pour in for Four Oaks' Pat Coutts

5. Titchmarsh says gardening is too nice as he backs £42bn report

6. How much are garden centre plants and products prices rising by and is Brexit or Covid to blame?

7. Garden centre farm shops - the Clarkson effect 

8. What are the garden centre best products and trends from Glee? 

9. RHS Chelsea Flower Show - eight things to look out for 

10. Lord Benyon and Nicola Spence defend proposed plant health crackdown 

11. Top 175 UK Garden Centres 2021 reflect ups and downs of a rollercoaster year and changes in the top 10

12. Eight leading garden retail figures speak on demand for the rest of 2021 and hopes for 2022 

13. Plant importers and HTA welcome delay to checks on plants imported from the EU 

14. Free fuel giveaway at garden centre 

15. How bad is the skills shortage in the horticulture industry? 

16. RHS Chelsea Flower Show - what are the trends?

17. After crazy year for growers normality returns but issues around labour, pricing, peat and transport remain 

18. Are olive trees set to make a comeback?

19. What are the seven bestselling branded plants in garden centres in 2021?

20. How did commercial horticulture get on at RHS Chelsea Flower Show?

21. 10 horticulture developments you may have missed this week

22. Where are Britain's garden centres concentrated? 

23. RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021 in a nutshell 

24. Seabrook warns about plastic content in green waste compost

25. What do ornamentals and landscaping sectors want the Government to do to give horticulture a £13bn boost?

26. Growers given €2m after Xylella outbreak 

27. Why isnt RHS Chelsea Flower Show plant-based? asks top garden designer 

28. Which plants have won awards this year? 

29. British Garden Centres new accounts show 58-centre performance for first time 

30. NFU's Ali Capper tells BBC the only local worker on her farm is her son 

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