The Top 25 Arboriculture Businesses show how they weathered the worst of the pandemic

Half of the top 10 show substantial turnover increases, this, the fourth annual Top Arboriculture Businesses listening exclusively compiled by Horticulture Week.

Horticulture Week contacted the major players in the arboriculture industry to compile this guide to the biggest firms by turnover and, for 2020, outline how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the sector.

The ranking finds the biggest rises at Ground Control and Acorn Environmental Management Group.

This year’s report also features four multidisciplinary utilities management companies — Amey, OCS/Fountains, Scottish Woodlands and Tilhill — who include some arboriculture in their offer and are listed separately. 

Find out which firms make up the top 25 in HW's 
exclusive to Horticulture Week subscribers.

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