Top 20 most read this horticulture week

Most read

What are the predictions for 2023 from inside the horticulture industry? UPDATED 

Plant trade battling on, despite political turmoil 

MP visits bedding nursery 

Loss of peat for ericaceous could put 70 year-old nursery at risk 

Garden centres at Christmas 2022 - in pictures 

Defra minister Harrison promises 'limited exemptions' for growers using peat 

Seven positive horticulture careers developments 

Dutch have no plans to be peat-free until at least after 2050 

Have growers been sold down the river about the peat ban? 

Growers group renews attack on Defra: 'He could have travelled 20 miles instead of going to Holland'

Garden centre pioneer Brian Evans dies aged 78 

British growers slam Defra Dutch mission as giving up on UK horticulture 

10 horticulture policy updates: from peat to labour

Defra too vague on grower peat-free plan |

YPHA visits north west nurseries and garden centres

The labour situation is getting worse as grower survey finds £60m produce wasted 

Highest profile gardening personalities 

Is it time for a new attitude towards plants in gardens and landscapes?

Peat poll: are you being kept informed about bans? 

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