Top 15 most read articles at Hortweek this week

Tens of millions of pounds-worth of garden centres and nurseries for sale as season awaits 

Newey Group: 100% peat free in 2024 as new prop unit helps produce more products in the UK

Majestic Trees’ Steve McCurdy hits out on greenwashing nurseries

APHA sends out email that is clearly nonsense: Spencer 

Garden Press Event 2023: top new products and trends 

Garden Press Event: Top 20 things you need to know

Movers and people this week UPDATED 

Garden Media Guild chair quits 

Horticultural recruitment agency loses licence 

Rare snowdrops attract record crowds 

HortWeek peat-free survey finds most growers are trialling - but a quarter wont meet 2030 target

Supermarket planned for garden centre site 

Scotch whisky under threat from peat ban

Scotland to consult on banning peat 

Highlights from Garden Press Event 2023 - Part 3 

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