Squire's Garden Centre donates carrier bag cash

Squire’s Garden Centres has donated £3,226 to Greenfingers Charity from the sale of carrier bags in its 16 centres over the last year.

Sarah Squire and Linda Petrons

Squire’s donation is the result of carrier bag sales over the last year, with the 10p Government carrier bag charge being donated to the charitable cause.

Sarah Squire, chairman of Squire’s Garden Centres, said: “We are delighted to be supporting Greenfingers Charity once again with our donation, which co-incides this year with the introduction of our home-compostable carrier bags, in support of our continued drive for sustainability.

“It’s brilliant that the government carrier bag charge can be directed into something sustainable and assist projects that demonstrate worthwhile long-term benefit to many families who find themselves in the most difficult of circumstances. We are sure the money raised will support the invaluable work of Greenfingers Charity and help patients and families explore the wonderful benefits of being outdoors and the value of the natural environment at such a critical time.”

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