Retired horticulture head returns to Writtle College

A former head of horticulture at Writtle College returned to see how his former workplace was faring as it prepares to re-launch as Writtle University College next week.

Lance Sanderson with Sandra Nicholson at Writtle College

Professor Lance Sanderson, whose name is given to The Sanderson Cup awarded to the best student on the final year of the BSc (Hons) Horticulture course

Was instrumental in developing the college’s Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture which helped it gain Taught Degree Awarding Powers and University College status over the past year.

Anther high point of his career was masterminding Writtle’s centenary celebrations in 1993. He retired in 2003.

 Senior lecturer at Writtle’s School of Sustainable Environments and Design Sandra Nicholson said: "Lance has always been so passionate about education and the college. He first interviewed me in the 1970’s when I was applying for a course at Writtle and I learnt so much from him during my college years.

"His commitment towards the students and teaching really inspired me to become a lecturer myself and to continue my personal and professional development including being involved with committee and examining work for the Royal Horticultural Society and the Institute of Horticulture.

"His legacy here at the college and the wider industry remains as Writtle continues delivering much sough-after high-calibre graduates. It was great catching up with him and showing him how Writtle continues making its mark in the horticultural industry."

This year’s Sanderson Cup winner is Jonathan Blackburn who graduated this summer with a first class degree in horticulture. 

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