Practical findings from AHDB trials, plus summaries of academic research and scientific trials, compiled by Dr Ken Cockshull.

Science into Practice - European apple canker control

Improving the control and management of European apple canker caused by Neonectria ditissima continues to be one of the principal research aims for the AHDB tree fruit sector.

Science into Practice - Bacterial blotch in mushrooms

Science into Practice - Downy mildew and cut flowers

Science into Practice - Aphid controls in strawberries

Science into Practice - Tomato and pepper virus

Science Into Practice - Disease testing for cucumbers

Science Into Practice - Better lettuce crop quality

FV 454: Improving quality and shelf life of Romaine and Iceberg lettuce using precision irrigation.

Science Into Practice - Better carbon dioxide uptake

Science Into Practice - Diagnostic test for Fusarium

FV POBOF 452: Fusarium -- Investigations into the control of basal rots in crops A new molecular diagnostic test has been developed that can detect Fusarium pathogens in infected plant and soil samples for the first time.

Science Into Practice - Cucurbit pollination

Science Into Practice - Resistant predatory mites

SF 153: Selection of strains of predatory mites that can survive applications of control products for spotted-wing drosophila.

Science Into Practice - Coriander yield decline

Science Into Practice - Field storage for carrots