Practical findings from AHDB trials, plus summaries of academic research and scientific trials, compiled by Dr Ken Cockshull.

Science into Practice - Downy mildew and cut flowers

Science into Practice - Aphid controls in strawberries

Science into Practice - Tomato and pepper virus

Science Into Practice - Disease testing for cucumbers

Science Into Practice - Better lettuce crop quality

FV 454: Improving quality and shelf life of Romaine and Iceberg lettuce using precision irrigation.

Science Into Practice - Better carbon dioxide uptake

Science Into Practice - Diagnostic test for Fusarium

FV POBOF 452: Fusarium -- Investigations into the control of basal rots in crops A new molecular diagnostic test has been developed that can detect Fusarium pathogens in infected plant and soil samples for the first time.

Science Into Practice - Cucurbit pollination

Science Into Practice - Resistant predatory mites

SF 153: Selection of strains of predatory mites that can survive applications of control products for spotted-wing drosophila.

Science Into Practice - Coriander yield decline

Science Into Practice - Field storage for carrots

Science Into Practice - Rose thrips and strawberry risk

Science Into Practice - Field storage of onion varieties

FV 348d: Independent assessment of field storage potential of onion varieties.

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