Plastic use in Horticulture

The latest news and updates on issues surrounding the effort to minimise waste of and use of plastic products in the horticulture industry.


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Rebecca Pow - credit: Richard Townshend (CC by 3.0)

Defra details future packaging recycling policy

Julian Knight MP asked Defra what steps it is taking steps to help make it easier to recycle packaging waste.

Pöppelmann pots

Pöppelmann launches Baseline post-industrial plastic pots

Pöppelmann TEKU has launched Baseline pots, made from post-industrial and post-consumer recyclates (PIR and PCR).


NFU demands R&D funding to overcome barriers to carbon neutral and peat-free horticulture

The NFU has launched a 'business resilience plan' for horticulture, which lists eight issues that will stop horticulture companies going net zero.