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Explore our extensive archive of guides to species and cultivars of popular or useful plant genera by one of the UK's leading plantswomen, Miranda Kimberley and HW's own technical editor, Sally Drury. Featuring expert tips from supplier's on how to use or sell them.

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Dahlia 'Jomanda'


Dahlias are back in fashion, come in a multitude of shades and offer retailers a double hit, writes Sally Drury.

A. palmatum ‘Red Pygmy’ - all images credit: Floramedia


These trees and shrubs grow to a range of different heights and produce distinctive foliage in many colours, Sally Drury finds.

R. idaeus ‘Malling Jewel’ - credit all images: Floramedia database

Rubus idaeus

The health benefits of raspberries make these very popular plants an ideal choice for retailers, according to Sally Drury.

T. heterophylla - credit all images: Floramedia


From bonsai, rock garden and ground cover to dense hedges and extremely elegant trees up to 50m tall, the small genus of Tsuga may only have 10 species of evergreen conifers but it has variety and versatility.

T. ‘Zurel’ - credit all images: Floramedia


Tulips offer a vast variety of flower colours from February through to May and command attention, says Sally Drury

V. vitis-idaea - credit all images: Floramedia Database


Pretty flowers, shiny leaves and delicious berries make this an appealing choice for garden designers, writes Sally Drury.

R. hirta ‘Toto Rustic - all images: Floramedia


Rudbeckia is a star of ?garden borders and patio containers.

L. ‘The Chatelaine’ - credit: Floramedia Database


Bold flower spikes bring a wide mix of colours to the garden and add height to traditional borders.

D. ‘Camelot Lavender’ - credit: Floramedia


Foxgloves are easy to grow and produce tall spikes of flowers that are magnets for pollinators, writes Sally Drury.

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