Peter Seabrook

Peter Seabrook is a gardening writer and broadcaster.

Keeping track in challenging times for horticulture

Quality is crucial to retain new gardening customers

Horticulture trade needs youth and experience

Why seed trials are still needed

Guidance from the centre ground

Difficulties posed by peat reduction

Chelsea Flower Show in autumn could be dazzling

Rising prices for garden products may be a hard sell

The best ways to spread knowledge within horticulture

Meeting electronically, via Zoom and similar online channels, is a miracle of the age and a business meeting lifeline during lockdown.

Why face-to-face trading is still best

We live in very different times and I was interested to hear Evergreen Garden Care pretty well took over a hotel, built half-a-dozen studios in different rooms and held Zoom meetings with more than 250 customers over two days.

Help more people to start growing

Derek Bunker at Alton Garden Centre is always worth hearing out.

Big opportunities ready to be seized

There can be no dispute about the huge number of people new and returned to gardening as a result of the lockdown.

An ideal time to raise our game

Work together to build more plant sales

Different sections of the industry came together in a spirit of cooperation as a result of Covid-19.

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