The Outdoor Room celebrates 20th anniversary

Landscaper David Dodd's award-winning garden design and construction company the Outdoor Room celebrates its 20th anniversary this month.

David Dodd speaks at The Outdoor Room's 20th anniversary. Image: Supplied

Managing director Dodd set up the company in 1995, aged 25. He had just finished as a full-time lecturer at Merrist Wood and started the business with an old pick-up truck, a few tools and a labourer who was an ex-student.

"In my first year I turned over £47,000 which I was delighted with, and I knew I'd need more staff. This year we have a turnover of nearly £2million," Dodd explained.

"I could have expanded the company to a far larger scale, but I've deliberately kept it small with only 17 full-time staff. This way I can keep it manageable with a more personal service to our customers."

The company's birthday party was held on 24 October at Cisswood House Hotel in West Sussex, with 100 guests including past and present staff, clients, designers and suppliers.

The event also raised £555.00 for horticulturists' charity Perennial, which was gratefully received by Kate O'Shea.

Speaking on the night, Dodd put the company's success down to his staff and their commitment to quality landscaping. He finished with a toast to them and said he was very much looking forward to the next 20 years.

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