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GROW: How ICL’s product range helps growers to grow their crops

Grow: Off-the shelf or custom-mixed, Levington Advance growing mediums deliver results

Read here about a range of products helping commercial growers nurture their young plants.

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How specialist growing media mixes have helped Todd's Nursery manage the transition from peat to peat-free

Nestling in the picturesque Bedfordshire village of Southill near Biggleswade, Todds Nursery is a premier producer of mature trees, pines, multi-stemmed shrubs and instant hedging grown from UK-sourced stock.

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Exacting quality achieved for Royal Parks with Levington Advance Pot & Bedding

Hidden from public view in the centre of Hyde Park, the new £5million Super Nursery is the fourth to be built on a site that has produced quality plants for The Royal Parks for more than 100 years.

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NURTURE: How ICL’s product range helps growers to nurture their crops

Nurture: Water soluble or controlled release - fertilisers give precise nutrition to fit the needs of the crop

Read here about how AngelaWeb provides tailor-made feeding regimes.

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Plant quality delivered faster with AngelaWeb at New Leaf Plants

Specialist clematis and climbing plant nursery New Leaf Plants, of Evesham, supply a competitively priced top end product.

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High-value orchids excel with water-soluble Peters fertilisers at Double H Nurseries

Wowing the crowds inside The Great Conservatory at this year's RHS Chatsworth Flower Show was a memorable display of some 5,000 British-grown moth orchids (Phalaenopsis).

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Trials look at maximising quality and hitting plant delivery dates for commercial growers

Products such as Osmocote are helping commercial growers to nurture their plants to maximise plant quality.

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Protect: How ICL’s product range helps growers to Protect their crops

Protect: Pests and diseases can wipe out profit but the right growing media treatments can help protect from weed, insect and fungal threat

Read here about the products and the science behind the products that can tackle vine weevil, aphids, glasshouse whiteflies, leaf beetles and sciarid flies.

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Biopesticide Prestop reduces problematic fungal diseases at native species specialist Botanica

Botanica Plant Nursery grows thousands of plant and tree species across its eight-hectare (20 acre) nursery. Admittedly, this is a vast achievement - but the nursery's impressive output is not the only accomplishment for which it is renowned.

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Nursery stock grower Coles Nurseries brings vine weevil under control

From stylish bamboos to statuesque silver birches, the hundreds of different plants grown and supplied by Coles Nurseries (James Coles & Sons) have shaped thousands of Britain's landscapes.

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