Organic horticulture degree course launched at Liss Ard Country Estate

University College Cork has launched a degree-level course in organic horticultural crop production based at the Liss Ard Country Estate near Skibereeen on the southern tip of Ireland. It hopes to enrol 15 students in September next year.

Ireland's agriculture minister Shane McEntee described the move as "a positive step towards providing the levels of expertise needed to develop the organic horticulture sector in Ireland to its full potential".

The course will be accredited by the university's school of biological, earth and environmental sciences, established last year.

The school has already investigated the use of seaweed extracts for increasing crop yield and disease resistance, biological control of crop pests, optimisation of vermi-composting and the use in horticulture of shellfish waste, wood ash, potato peel and other waste streams.

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