Nurseries launch management traineeships

Johnsons of Whixley and Wyevale Nurseries have launched management trainee programmes.

L-R - George Metcalfe and Tom Watkins - Management Trainees

Johnsons recently interviewed applicants who presented on a horticultural topic before a formal interview.

Tom Watkins and George Metcalfe were appointed as he first two trainees to participate in the two-year Management Trainee Programme. Both candidates studied for a foundation degree in Horticulture at Askham Bryan College.

Production and procurement head Jonathan Whittemore said: "We were eager to engage with people who see production Horticulture as their future and who are prepared to get their hands dirty."

Wyevale Nurseries’ two-year in-house programme covers all areas of the business including nursery production, finance, IT, sales or marketing.

Managing director Andy Johnson said he was looking for a ‘can-do’ attitude and people who can come up with solutions: "We want them to be innovative, using not only their ideas, but also assessing and supporting others’ ideas. Successful applicants will be responsible for their own learning and should be able to demonstrate a proactive attitude towards learning opportunities. We want candidates to also be career-minded, ambitious and flexible in their approach."

The programme will be delivered through on the job training, attending plant identification training, visiting other nurseries, attending trade shows and conferences, attending any external courses if required, project work shadowing managers/supervisors, and observing and participating in meetings.

Assessment will be through regular reviews and assessing performance against agreed objectives. Each trainee will meet with the Programme Co-ordinator Steve Pandeli on a regular basis.

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