Product Market Reports

Market reports offer an in-depth view of product types for specific industry sectors such as fertilisers, sprayers and polytunnels to identify trends and emerging opportunities as well as potential threats in the market.

Latest Market Reports

Weeds growing in crack at base of a wall being sprayed
Hydro 80 MKHPF offers comfort and power for mowing across any terrain - credit: Etesia
MSA 220 T is well-balanced and easy to handle in outstretched positions - credit: Still
The hybrid TW 280HB has peak power of 62hp but its emission levels match a 24.8hp engine - credit: Timberwolf
Verticollector lifts material into the hopper
Staycations are on the rise (Credit: Pixabay)

10 ways Britons coped with the cost-of-living crisis this summer, according to Barclaycard

From re-using back-to-school items to starting side projects, new data from Barclaycard reveals the changing spending habits of Brits to make their money go further during the cost-of-living crisis.

Bobcat sweepers designed for any surface maintenance project
Credit: Pixabay

WAPA releases apple and pear stock figures for July

The World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) has released stock figures from 1 July that show that in Europe apple stocks increased by 16.5% compared to 2021, while pear stocks increased by 27%.

Airion Backpack Blower has thick shoulder straps and integrated adjustable belt
Patterson’s Gardening Services uses Helion Compact 2 with a battery backpack
The Shelbourne Reynolds 7060T
Double screening systems in a glasshouse
Bridge Greenhouses structure for Craigmarloch Nurseries
Dudsbury Golf Club green