Loyal garden centre staff rewarded for long service

Planters has held a big party for 300 staff and families from its three garden centres, with a carousel, disco and street food.

Long service - credit: Planters

Owner Gerald Ingram said to staff at the anniversary event: "You have all helped create three wonderful garden centres, two fantastic restaurants and three marvellous card shops. Like us you should be very proud of all your achievements. No matter where we go we get told how wonderful you all are, what good service you’ve given and how you’ve gone the extra mile.

"We have 44 staff who have worked in the business for more than 10 years and in some cases over 30 years. We really do owe you a lot."

The event was originally planned to celebrate 30 years in business in June 2020, so in October 2021 was celebrating 31 years of Planters.

Long service awards

30 years and over

Auntie Sylvia Fontanella (TAMWORTH)
Lee O’Brian (BRETBY)

25 years and over

Maggie Vaughan (BRETBY)

Over 20 years

Simon Wilkes (TAMWORTH Restaurant manager)
Marilyn Humphries (WALMLEY Card shop)
Julie Sharred (TAMWORTH Gift Manager)
Louise Clarke (BRETBY Restaurant)
Hazel Ann Matthews (TAMWORTH)
Alison Lees (TAMWORTH)
Lisa Sumpter (TAMWORTH Restaurant

Over 15 years

Darren Sanders (Garden King manager)
David Mann (TAMWORTH Group services manager)
Josh Winter (TAMWORTH Pet and attractions manager)
Paul Birch (BREBY)
Mel Cliff (BRETBY)
Barbara Fenwick (BRETBY)
Elaine Mallabone (TAMWORTH)
Matthew Wedge (TAMWORTH)
Mandy Sharratt (Garden King)
Wayne Coley (GK)
Sadie Grigg (GK)
Jackie Eyre (GK)

Over 10 years

Ann Davies (TAMWORTH Seasonal manager)
Mark Shaw (BRETBY Manager)
Karen Hatfield (BRETBY gift and Seasonal manager)
Daniel Wanklyn (TAMWORTH Aquatics Supervisor )
Marie Hopper (BRETBY Restaurant manager)
Hannah Davies (TAMWORTH)
Andrea Weller (KENIWORTH Card shop)
John Todd (TAMWORTH)
Louise Smith (TAMWORTH)
Peter Spragg (TAMWORTH)
Linda Clarke (TAMWORTH)
Kevin Wright (TAMWORTH)
Sarah Beacham O’Donnell (GK)
Tom Thorpe (BRETBY)
Karen Fulshaw (BRETBY)
Angela Hadley (TAMWORTH
Linda Clinton (TAMWORTH)
Arleen Hasler (TAMWORTH)
Becky Sharred (TAMWORTH)
Nathan Hughes (TAMWORTH)
Holly Taylor (TAMWORTH)
Kerry Fulford (TAMWORTH)
Lesley Brown (TAMWORTH)

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