Lawn Association launches

The newly-launched Lawn Association is the UK’s first and only expert-led organization dedicated equally to the needs of professionals and enthusiasts.

Credit: Lawn Association

Chairman David-Hedges-Gower said: “We need grass. And we need lawns. Health and science research now routinely cites the lawn as an essential garden component contributing to a healthy environment, biodiversity and lifestyle.  So, after decades of some excoriation and a lifetime of poor lawn care practice, it’s now really important to help everybody – professional and enthusiasts, even reluctant gardeners – to enjoy and maintain healthy lawns.

“Lawn professionals, landscapers and garden designers – ecologists, biologists, and environmentalists – keen (and not so keen) gardeners – even the lawn care manufacturing industry – we all want the same thing! We want to reverse the decline of the British garden lawn and to enjoy happier, healthier outdoor spaces. We all have a stake in it – and with the Lawn Association’s help, we can make a real difference!”

He said the future of the British lawn sits jointly with three stakeholders – lawn and other horticultural professionals, gardeners, and the media and the Lawn Association is the only authoritative organisation to develop integrated support for all three. 
Aims include how to choose a lawn care provider, learning the best modern lawn care practice and sustainable and organic ways of looking after your lawn and finding reliable information for your audience.
These  Lawn Association will address these through its educational programmes, product development and accurate information.
Free membership is available.

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