Landscape design and nursery bursaries offered

LDA is awarding five one-year bursaries worth £2,000 each to support and encourage those studying landscape architecture or urban design in the UK, at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Colegrave scholarship winners

Meanwhile, the David Colegrave Foundation is also launching its annual scholarship season.

Recipients of the LDA grants, awarded to mark LDA Design's 40th anniversary, will also be offered paid work experience in one of LDA Design’s eight UK offices.

Aimed at encouraging greater diversity within the industry, LDA Design intends for one or more of the bursaries to be allocated to students who have faced financial or other challenges in pursuing higher education.

LDA Design chairman Andrew Harland said "Landscape architects and urban designers have a critical role to play in the face of climate breakdown and health and wellbeing issues. They need to be imaginative, thoughtful, and quietly revolutionary.

"To mark our 40th, we are looking to support students who understand what’s required to create places where people belong and can come up with a clear response to the environmental challenges we face today.

"Equally, we recognise the steep costs students face and also the challenges within our professions in terms of recruitment. Certainly, the more diverse our professions are, the better equipped we are to meet society’s needs. That’s why we want to support those who have faced barriers to furthering their studies."

Applicants will have to complete a design challenge to reimagine an existing or new piece of city, exploring ways to make it more liveable while responding to the urgent demand for more housing and greater resilience.

The deadline for submissions is midnight on 31 October 2019. Awards will be announced in November.

Further details are available on LDA Design’s website.

Meanwhile, the David Colegrave Foundation scholarship season is open for students.

Nursery work placements, production and marketing experience and access to plant research and sustainable horticulture are all on offer, as well as money for college tuition and accommodation fees, books and equipment, or for extra training courses.

Funding is available to help turn students into breeders, nursery managers, horticulture lecturers, head gardeners, plant health inspectors, or whatever it is that fulfils their desire for gardening.

Ball Colegrave Sponsored Travel Scholarship
Up to £1,500 to fund travel to Europe in order to develop knowledge and experience in bedding plant production and marketing. An employee in the early stages of their career at a commercial bedding plant nursery, or a student studying horticulture with an interest in commercial bedding plants should apply.

British Protected Ornamentals Association - Peter Seabrook Bursary
£1,000 to support one or more students studying commercial horticulture. The scholarship is also available to schools and horticultural colleges to finance trips for students over 16 years of age to leading commercial horticultural establishments.

Horticultural Research Scholarship
£2,500 to support applied research within the horticulture industry. Students who are keen to pursue a research career in the horticultural industry should apply. This includes undergraduates, postgraduates and those studying for doctoral degrees.

John Gibson Environmental Scholarship
£1,500 to support a student with a keen interest in environmental solutions and sustainable applications as applied to commercial horticulture.

Majestic Trees Sponsored Travel Scholarship
Up to £3,000 to fund a placement abroad at a tree nursery for a student who is passionate about tree production. This also includes the opportunity for a work placement at Majestic Trees, which could become a permanent position.

Markham – Colegrave International Scholarship
$4,500 USD for the opportunity to organise a work placement in a horticultural business in the US/Canada. The scholarship is presented as a joint award from DCF and the American Floral Endowment (AFE), US.

Student Scholarship
£1,000 to each of up to 5 students to support their studies in horticulture. Preference is given to candidates who have an interest in ornamental commercial horticulture, especially with an emphasis on the bedding, container, pot plant and cut flower sectors.

Scholarship Season runs from 1 September 2019 to 31 January 2020. To enter, complete an application form online at

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