Keeping the plant trade healthy - Alistair Yeomans of Plant Healthy on the biosecurity challenges

Alistair Yeomans has been with Plant Healthy since it was set up 2019. Plant Healthy is the biosecurity standard for UK businesses, mainly growers.

The Plant Health Alliance is made up of Defra and about 20 trade and other membership bodies including the National Trust, RHS and HTA and they own the Plant Health Management Standard and the Governing Body of the Plant Healthy Certification Scheme.

"At the end of the day we're dealing with a wicked problem...we can only really improve the situation rather than really solve it, and the more people that get on board, the risk is minimised."

Yeomans talks about how the scheme will expand, how it can never cover the whole industry but still has a crucial role to play in biosecurity, the scheme's importance to the industry and Defra and how the certification works.

Presenter: HortWeek editor Matthew Appleby
Producer: HortWeek digital content manager Christina Taylor

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