Jeremy Barrell

Jeremy Barrell is the Managing Director of Barrell Tree Consultancy.  He is a prolific international speaker and writer, specialising in urban tree management, tree safety and heritage trees.

Individuals can drive climate action

Urban epidemic is no picnic for trees

You might be in for a nasty surprise if you go down to a park today.

Tree strategies are essential for safety

Earlier this year, Wirral Borough Council (WBC) pleaded guilty to breaching Section 3(1) of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and was fined £100,000 plus costs of £49,363.

Barrell says...Redefine the aims of tree planting

Green is currently good politics, with ministers pledging funds for vast numbers of new urban and rural trees in the rush to bank public favour for tackling climate change and supporting nature.

Opinion...Leadership needed to plant trees now

Opinion... Balance is key in tree Risk policies

Opinion...Green improvement must come faster

Opinion... Highways authorities failing on risk

Research commissioned by the National Tree Safety Group (2009) indicated that tree failures cause about six deaths and 55 serious injuries annually, and more than 75% occur on highways. However, very few of those incidents ever get to court (fewer than 2%).

Opinion... Healthy trees work harder for longer

UK satellite images after heavy rain show river estuaries engulfed by massive swirls of muddy-brown water extending out into the surrounding ocean blue. It is soil scoured from our mismanaged land because of Government policies that focus on food production at the expense of sustainability.

Opinion... Consumers can drive major change

I wrote my first opinion column 10 years ago. After all that time, I would love to report trees are flourishing and the environment is thriving, but I can't.

Opinion... Urban tree policy gap must be plugged

The ambition to embrace a natural capital accounting management approach in the Government's draft 25-year environment plan is to be applauded.

Barrell On... how science and collaboration can help city trees

Brisbane is hot and its people need trees for heat relief, so when an aggressive fungus, Phellinus noxious, began killing its biggest figs in 2006, the city reacted with a corporate programme to stop the rot.

Barrell on... Unjustifiable tree felling

Wandsworth London Borough Council is going to fell an historic avenue of horse chestnut trees on Tooting Bec Common based on 696 responses to its public consultation.