Introducing Osmocote

Controlled release fertilisers: four generations of applied science and innovative technology

As Osmocote celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, Rachel Anderson examines how the brand's continuous product development is helping commercial growers to fine-tune their crops' nutritional needs.

ICL Specialty Fertilizers’ technical manager Andrew Wilson

CRFs: meeting plants' demands throughout their growth cycle

From helping to create a tailored fertiliser regime for specific nursery crops to reducing fertiliser wastage, Osmocote's CRFs offer commercial growers many benefits, says ICL.

Rijkers: ICL works to stay at forefront of product development

Developing the next generation of Osmocote

Thanks to ICL's significant investment in research and development, growers have an increasing number of Osmocote solutions to grower challenges from which to choose.

UK Case studies

Nursery case study: Osmocote - a "safe and consistent" choice

Keen to tailor nutrition as closely to each crop's needs as possible, Woodlark Nursery uses Osmocote as part of the business' precision nutrition programme.

Retail plants case study: Osmocote: "It makes a huge difference."

Nurseryman David Mills, who runs a busy plant-focused retail centre, discusses the invaluable role that Osmocote plays in producing and selling healthy plants

International case studies

The Morgue family in one of their glasshouses

Case study: Nursery Patrick Morgue, based in Drôme, France

Osmocote fertilisers continue to provide Patrick Morgue with peace of mind in the ever-changing and fast-paced horticulture market.

Alfonso Ramos

Case Study: T-Y Nursery, Pauma Valley, California

To celebrate Osmocote's 50th anniversary, ICL in the USA hosted a contest to identify the nursery that had used the fertiliser the longest.

Garry and Carl Heyne with ICL regional manager David Franklin

Case study: Heyne's Wholesale Nursery, Australia

Established Australian grower Heyne's Wholesale Nursery uses Osmocote Exact to maximise the saleability of its stock.