I am looking for a handheld vibrating "trowel" to use for sowing seeds into plug trays. If there is such a device available, which company makes it and where could I buy one? A vacuum seeder is not an option.

I've never come across a vibrating "trowel". However, I do have a suggestion for a handheld seeder that may be useful.

In 2001, West Country Nurseries needed a semi-automatic seeder to increase the accuracy of sowing seeds of widely varying sizes. After much searching, the nursery found the Magic Seeder — a handheld, syringe-type seed dispenser designed for planting small flower and vegetable seeds into pots or plug trays. It is now used to sow almost all of the seeds at West Country Nurseries and is capable of sowing a 160-cell tray in about a minute. The increased accuracy of sowing has eliminated the need to thin out subsequent seedlings.
The nursery was so impressed with this seeder that it set up a company to distribute it throughout Europe. In 2004, it won the Best New Retail Product Award at the South West Regional Growers Show. The seeders are now stocked by several Wyevale Garden Centres, as well as by Sutton Seeds.
Minimum wholesale order is 50 but you can order individual seeders by clicking "Retail" on the website www.magicseeder.co.uk, where the seeder costs £5.99 plus P&P. For more information, call 01566 782064.

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