HortWeek Survey: What proportion of your garden sales and plant production is peat-free?

All retail sales of peat must cease by 2024 and the deadline to go peat-free for growers (except mushroom and plug plants) is 2026.

Miracle Gro Organic Choice peat-free compost bags - credit: Flickr/Crinklecrankle.com (CC by 2.0)


But as B&Q and Tesco move towards a peat-free future, and many horticulture business have already made the move, some growers and garden retailers have related concerns about their ability to comply with the ban.

HortWeek would like to get a sense of  what proportion of garden retail sales and grower production is currently peat-free.

Let us know the state of play for your business in our brief and anonymous HortWeek survey.


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