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What is HortWeek Plus?

HortWeek Plus is our premium subscription offering tailored to proffesionals in the horticultural industry. It includes the entirety of HortWeek's practical advice, in-depth research, and timely intelligence as well as access to Burleigh Dodds Horticulture collection and WhatKit Health & Safety guides .

The HortWeek Plus toolkit explained...

Burleigh Dodds:

HortWeek Plus subscribers gain exclusive access to Burleigh Dodds extensive collection of over 800 cutting-edge research reports in horticultural science.

These reports are meticulously organized into various thematic categories, spanning crucial areas such as cultivation, nutrition, insect pests, plant diseases, physiology and breeding, postharvest practices, safety and quality protocols, soil and water management, sustainability initiatives, and advancements in technology and data analysis.

This comprehensive array of categorized research equips subscribers with a diverse spectrum of invaluable insights, facilitating informed decision-making and fostering innovation across the diverse landscape of horticulture.

How to access your Burleigh Dodds account
Via browser OR via the app

What Kit? Health & Safety Guides:

Gain access to HortWeek's exclusive portfolio of Health & Safety Guides, with more continuously being added and amended as legislation changes and new regulations are brought in.

With guides on hedge and shrub maintenance to Tractor-Mounted Equipment and Handheld Powered Hedge Trimmers, the series is designed to help landscape and parks maintenance professionals do their job safely and comply with the latest H&S legislation.

The guides offer recommendations on kit selection and maintenance, whilst keeping you at the forefront of changing legislation and regulations without the hassle and time of researching the information from various sources.

Benefits to you...

  • Exclusive industry insights: Access to over 800 research reports with a combined value of £8,000 for a single Burleigh Dodds user as part of your subscription.
  • Expert led guidance: Stay up to date, and at the forefront of legislation with a library of exclusive health and safety guides.
  • Convenience & comprehensive access: Obtain a wealth of horticultural insights, news, research and exclusive content all in one place and through one subscription.
  • Unrestricted access: Continue to access all HortWeek content online and in print but with the added benefits of the HortWeek Plus toolkit you can't find anywhere else.

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