Horticulture Week Podcast: Garden management consultant Alan Sargent on how to survive as a garden designer

Contract law and marketing are as important as design skills for today's garden designers says veteran management consultant Alan Sargent.

In the latest Horticulture Week Podcast, garden management consultant Alan Sargent examines ways and methods of surviving the minefield of rules regulating the garden design profession.

He speaks about the importance of getting the correct insurance, contract management and dealing with clients among other issues outlined in his latest publication, 'The Garden Designer’s Survival Manual' (2021), as well as the challenges currently facing the sector.

This is his third manual celebrating the running and wellbeing of professional gardening in the private sector after The Head Gardener’s Survival Manual (2011) and The Landscaper’s Survival Manual (2012).

On May 1, there will be a fourth and final Survival Manual coming out, the Professional Gardener's Survival Manual, requested "by popular demand from the AllHorts Facebook Group".

And in June, Sargent is planning his biggest book venture yet, aimed at the general public: "It will be a complete myth buster, titled Buying a Garden and will cover all aspects from thinking about a garden makeover to final fix and aftercare."

Featuring designs by 10 of Britain’s leading garden designers, with input from specialist companies, it will cover legislation and good practice techniques.

See www.alangsargent.co.uk

Podcast presenter: HW editor Matthew Appleby
Producer: HW digital content manager, Christina Taylor

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