Horticulture lecturer Barrie Duesbury given British Citizen award

Former Berkshire College of Agriculture horticulture lecturer Barrie Duesbury has been given a British Citizen award.

Barrie Duesbury

The British Citizen Awards recognition for individuals doing extraordinary things in the local community.

Duesbury said: "I received the award due to the outstand hard work I have done as a horticulture lecturer with low level learners. teaching practical skills and introducing many areas of horticulture.

"Myself being very dyslexic, I was able to sympathise with my learners on their difficulties

"I also introduced different horticulture companies into the college give our learners first hand experience enabling them to use the companies' products.

"I introduced talking plant labels with near field communcation embedded and also with Braille on and QR codes to help the less able learner to be able read plant descriptions. Learners were introduced to drone surveys, to be used for garden designs. Visiting nurseries enabled learners to see what  the industry has to offer and opportunities in the industry.

"We had garden visits to Kew Gardens and I was a volunteer for RHS school garden campaigns.

"After being made redundant from Berkshire College of Agriculture I now work as a nursery operative for Living Walls growing 1m long instant hedging in troughs."

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