3 Minutes With John Ennis...

John Ennis

In your opinion, what is the single biggest challenge facing the development of green infrastructure and spaces in London?

"Creating innovative and involving, private and public spaces within budget avoiding high costs (and allowing effective delivery)"

To what extent does green infrastructure and spaces have an impact on investment?

"These flats sell better, rent quicker, are more enduring (i.e. better re-sales) and stand out from the crowd. Effective planning and landscaping are key in the concept and delivery stages of any new development. However, if overall costs increase too steeply, yields (and therefore investor appeal) drop"

What kind of investment opportunities do they bring along?

"Everyone prefers something to look nice, have a nice ‘ambience’ and the green, open, private or public spaces are key on today’s buyers or renter’s list of priorities. A master-planned, well thought out project with an interesting mix of retail, commercial, water, and amenities with green infrastructure will always have wide appeal to the UK and overseas markets"

What are the definable economic/human factors that cause a green building/space to sell quicker?

"Peaceful and functional design, nice public and private spaces and excellent amenities. Safety and security along with excellent views still rank behind location"

John will be expanding this on 29 November.

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