Glee - Garden Care

Glee Garden Care (Hall 5) features everything from growing media, compost, fertilisers, and grow-your-own products to garden machinery, garden tools and accessories and bird food.

GroWise Multipurpose Compost - image: GroWise
GroWise Multipurpose Compost - image: GroWise

Key exhibitors for Glee Garden Care include Belstane, Bonnington Plastics, Bosmere, Briers, Burgon & Ball, DLF Trifolium (Johnson Lawn Seeds), Drapers Tools, Fallen Fruits, Gardman, Garland, Green by Nature, Haxnicks, Nutscene, Proteam, Sankey Garden Products, Scotts, Sinclair Horticulture, Solus Garden Leisure, Spear & Jackson, Taylors Bulbs, The Stewart Company, Town & Country, Tubtrugs, Vital Earth, Vitax, Westland Unwins and Wolf-Garten.

Stand 5A10/B11

Weed puller stars on Fiskars stand after television campaign success

Fiskars will be showcasing the star of its television advertising campaign — the Fiskars weed puller, which won multiple Garden Industry Manufacturers’ Association awards this year. With double the expected sales of the product, Fiskars is keen to work with retailers as it plans two further TV campaigns for 2012.

Continuing its Garden Tools: Reinvented theme, Fiskars is previewing the QuikDrill long-handled tool for bulb planting, creating holes for large plants and even drilling holes for fence posts.

Retailers can also see top-quality snow tools and extensions to the QuikFit multi-headed range.

Stand 5B30/C31

Gardman changes focus after early birdcare product launches

While garden centre bird care and sundries supplier Gardman will introduce many products at Glee as usual, it changed its marketing approach this year to launch half its range to buyers, agents and the press in June.

Marketing director Jane Lawler said the firm wanted to catch the lucrative Christmas gift market and winter bird care market by launching some products earlier. At Glee, the company will concentrate on grow your own, hanging gardens and lighting.

Lawler said the wild bird care market had grown 22 per cent over four years and eight per cent in 2010 but was now maturing. Sales spikes caused by cold had not happened this year, she said, although she added:

"It is a competitive environment but I still believe we have the best offer and are the brand leader in the garden centre market."

Bird care represents 30 per cent of Gardman’s £80m turnover, with gardening products accounting for three-quarters of the remainder and the garden living category covering items such as wall art, doormats and lighting making up the rest.

Stand 5E10/F11

Growth Technology ready to share its expertise on nutrients

Growth Technology regards Glee as a must for anyone associated with the horticultural industry. "We will be giving out information to anyone interested in finding out about our products and services," said marketing manager Manos Kanellos.

Nutrient solutions are the core of the business and in recent years there has been a focus on orchids and other specialist plants. "Our products are based on our practical expertise and driven by continuous experimentation," added Kanellos.

Growth Technology’s Orchid Myst won the Garden Retail Awards Most Successful New Product in 2010.

Stand P38

Golden Acres debuts at show with arrangements for inside and out

Nursery group Golden Acres is set to exhibit at Glee for the first time. On show will be selections from its planted containers and sand/plant arrangements Simply Sand.

And at the exhibition’s New Product stand, the group will launch its Airwaves beach-themed air plant arrangements, which it said are ideal for the bathroom.

"We will also show indoor arrangements with woven baskets, zinc and ceramics and outdoor ranges with baskets, hanging baskets, zinc containers and a budget range," said UK sales manager John Robinson.

Stand 5A36/B27

Bosmere looks to maximise sales with new ranges and 131 product launches

Bosmere Products will be making an impact at Glee with the launch of 131 products including four entirely new ranges. The company is also unveiling 24 new dump bin promotions designed to increase impulse-buy sales for Bosmere’s many retail outlet customers.  

The new garden glove range is the most extensive, comprising 73 different styles and sizes for men, ladies and children.

The gloves are available in cotton, cotton/leather, all leather, washable leather, latex, knitted/latex and fair-trade cotton for a wide range of gardening tasks. There is also a new garden furniture cover range produced specifically for modular rattan corner units, cube sets, sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and stools. 

A new value for money professional propagation range will also make its debut. It comprises seed trays, half trays, three inserts, rigid seed trays and gravel tray, propagator set, plant raising kit and window sill greenhouse.

Also on show will be a winter care range with practical items such as snow shovels with wooden or steel handle, winter salt spreader, ice scraper, ice and snow shoe grippers and a car windscreen cover. Selected items introduced recently to the trade attracted encouraging sales.

Other new products to be launched at Glee will extend Bosmere’s existing ranges. The cover up range is being expanded with versions for an eight-seater circular patio set cover, 10-seater rectangular patio set, sunbed and sail parasol. A similar selection of new covers has also been added to the premier covers range, while a giant parasol cover is added to protector cover range.

Other new items are a cable tidy in the mower range, a retractable knife to the garden helpers range, a new soil thermometer and a large long- handled decking brush to the patio range. A large unheated propagator and gravel/seed tray are being introduced along with a garden roller, lawn fertiliser spreader and flexi-edge lawn edging in the lawn care range.

Bosmere chief executive Tony Dedman said: "Glee is one of the key sales opportunities for the coming season. Our new product launches at previous Glee shows have helped to extend our sales worldwide. We believe that the carefully selected product introductions for the 2012 season will have the same impact."

During the exhibition Bosmere will be staging daily champagne draws and all buyers placing pre-season orders will receive golfing umbrellas for their garden centres.

Stand 5A46

Carbon Gold backs biochar with major marketing spend

Carbon Gold head Craig Sams, who was the inaugural winner of Britain’s Green Entrepreneur of the Year in March for his garden range, will be at Glee to explain why the company’s GroChar all-purpose and seed compost meets the horticultural Holy Grail to find an acceptable alternative to peat.

The company will unveil its £500,000 marketing spend that will support the 2012 campaign for its Soil Association-approved biochar products. The lignin content from coir allied to the carbon of biochar creates a close horticultural profile to natural peat. "The growing trials show that it works," Sams said. Point-of-sale dispensers will be available for orders placed at the show.

Stand 5B04/C01

Westland follows peat-free launch with show promotions

Westland Horticulture will be promoting West+ peat-free compost after TV gardener Diarmuid Gavin launched the product at the company’s Northern Ireland site earlier in September.

The product is one of a number of peat-frees to launch at Glee, including innovations from Scotts, Sinclair and Vital Earth. This contrasts with a number of peat-heavy launches at Glee 2010, which included Jack’s Patch from Westland.

Westland will also launch extensions to the Unwins Gro-sure seed range, the Peckish bird care range and its other chemicals and fertiliser ranges at Glee.

The Peckish advert will be unveiled ready for its launch on television. The new Peckish consumer website has also gone live at

Stand 5A10/B11

Sankey brings design flair and sales support to its focus on sustainability

Garden products manufacturer Sankey has a sustainable theme at Glee this year, according to brand manager Clare Hooley:

"At our consumer shows this year there was enormous interest in our Ecomax composter and our waterbutts. Our breadth of choice means that people can make an environmental and design-conscious decision — the best of both worlds. This is reinforced by being a British company committed to using recycled material in our products."

At Glee, Sankey will create a garden oasis of decorative pots and containers, planted with combinations to suit all gardens. New to Sankey will be the Fiore collection of classic contemporary pots, flower bowls and hanging baskets for growing fruit and vegetable, building on Sankey’s profile in the grow your own market.

As part of its range of new products, Sankey is introducing two snow tools to cope with the British weather, one of which is designed to keep in the car in case of heavy snowfall. Also on display will be Sankey’s electric propagators to start off seeds in cold weather or where extra heat is required such as strawberries, peppers and tomatoes.

Sankey is producing a new range of marketing support including display stands and point-of-sale material. Following on from last year’s launch of a consumer website,, Sankey’s new trade website is live for Glee at enabling the trade to download guides, a gardening calendar showing the best tasks and products per month, product information and marketing support. Products can be searched for by product name or barcode, making it easier to find the right information.

Sankey will also be launching its Garden Buddy guides containing information for consumers on growing from seed to plate, showing off plants in decorative containers and how to make compost.

Stand 5C20/D21

Mr Fothergill’s backs seed ranges with new information leaflets

Mr Fothergill’s Seeds will promote several new additions to its retail seed range at Glee. Stars include African marigold ‘Kees’ Orange’, bred by the late Kees Sahin, Rudbeckia ‘Aries’, Antirrhinum ‘ReminiScent’, Carrot ‘Cascade’, Beetroot ‘Red Hawk’, Sweet Corn ‘Mirai’ and Strawberry ‘Delician’.
Mr Fothergill’s Direct mail order is up 24 per cent this year, while DT Brown and Woolmans sub-brands are up 20-22 per cent.

The company has reduced the number of introductions and found space on its retail seed stands for leaflets giving customers advice on growing. Marketing manager Ian Cross said: "In the past we have knocked off the bottom sellers and put in a lot more but this year we have replaced with fewer."
Mr Fothergill’s Jamie Oliver seed range at Homebase has performed better than the World’s Kitchen label it replaced and will see more developments in 2012.

Stand 5D74

Brilliant looks to build interest in Radius ergonomic garden tools

Radius Garden ergonomic garden tools will be shown for the first time in the UK at Glee by distributor Brilliant Garden Products.

The tie up with Herefordshire-based Brilliant began five years ago when retired engineer Graham Renny found that a scissor-action device of broom handles, plywood and nails he made to help his wife, Susan, collect horse manure in their paddock also helped in the garden for leaf-collecting, grass cuttings and hedge trimmings.

Renny said: "Radius licensed my patents and redesigned the tool into what is now the Gator Grabber with telescoping handles. But in showing this and other Radius tools to potential customers in the UK, it became apparent that we had a fabulous opportunity to start a new business importing and selling the entire range in the UK." Brilliant began importing Radius tools in April 2010.

"Sales have been fantastic with forward-thinking garden centres recognising how the serious gardener, the cash-rich time-poor gardener and the ageing gardener in particular will benefit from the ergonomic design of these tools. We are looking for more garden centre partners."

Stand B26/C25

Miracle-Gro sets out to inspire with a range of garden care problem-solvers

Scotts Miracle-Gro has exciting plans for Glee.

The company will launch Expand 'n Gro, a peat-free coir that expands to three times its size in water. The product will be sold in 35-litre bags at around RRP £9.99.

This year will see several other product launches, all aimed at filling existing gaps in the garden care market and solving problems that gardeners face. These include new weedkillers, growing media and lawn seed.

Meanwhile, many of the company's existing top-selling products have been improved with even more uses in the garden and there is new packaging to celebrate Miracle-Gro's 21st birthday in the trade.

There will be a spectacular glimpse of the garden centre of the future and ways to merchandise and manage categories, delivered in a way that has never been seen at Glee before, the company declared.

Scotts trade marketing manager Jane Hartley said: "Glee is the industry's major trade show and one that Scotts uses to promote its extensive range of known and trusted brands and products. But our display this year will also have several fabulous new products that we are certain will become market leaders.

"The stand itself will contain something never before seen at Glee. Visitors will just have to wait until September to experience it for themselves and we are sure that they will be inspired."

Stand A20/B21

Growise and Vital Earth build on joint peat-free message with new launches

Vital Earth and Growise are extending their peat-free and peat-reduced offer following launch last year at Glee.

Several new Growise products have been launched in response to the tie-up between the two brands. And linking with Bord Na Mona's product has been a success in terms of opening up additional UK distribution for Vital Earth with the one-stop-shop peat free and peat-reduced pitch, the company said.

In the Vital Earth brand, there will be one major launch aimed at bringing peat-free to a wider audience of gardeners and hopefully opening new distribution routes. The new addition to the multipurpose compost sector will secure a position for peat-free among a much wider audience in garden centres and beyond, the company maintained.

Growise, meanwhile, will present three new core products - a 20-litre bale of multipurpose compost (MPC) with John Innes, a Superfine bark, a range of 25-litre bags of John Inner seed, No 1, No 2, No 3 and a 125-litre bale of John Innes MPC. Two promotional lines will also be on show - a 75-litre MPC on a buy-two-get-one-free and a hanging growing bag on a five-for-£10 offer. This is in direct response to demand from garden retailers that have bought into the combination of peat-free and peat-reduced from a single supplier.

Vital Earth managing director Steve Harper said: "It's a year since Vital Earth got together with Bord Na Mona, Ireland's leading integrated utility service provider to distribute its peat reduced compost brand, Growise in the UK. Many commentators probably thought that it was an unlikely combination, but it has changed the whole momentum of the shift away from 100 per cent peat-based.

"As I said at Glee 2010 not every garden retailer or professional grower feels confident to stock or use only peat-free, even though they know the time will come thanks to consumer pressure and legislation. The launch of Growise alongside Vital Earth has proved a very successful way to wean the market off peat and prove that alternatives are not only viable, but great products in their own right. There been a flurry of new Growise accounts in the UK and retailers have seen that Growise and Vital Earth together can be the perfect one stop shop solution to peat reduction.

"We are launching a whole raft of new Growise products as a result because its peat-reduced and continually peat-reducing message demonstrates its risk-free green appeal."

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