GIMA award winners: Westland wins top prize

The 13 product and marketing categories, plus the sustainability award, were judged by garden retailers including St Peter’s Garden Centre; Blue Diamond, Old Railway Line; Ferndale, John Lewis and Wickes.

Credit: GIMA

Winners were dominated by Westland, which won eight awards. Speaker was comedy impressionist Rory Bremner at the sell-out event at Celtic Manor in south Wales.

Selected winners

  • Best sustainable packaging: Smart Garden
  • Best POS: Westland Boost gondola
  • Best marketing communications: Westland Boost All Purpose
  • Garden care: Westland
  • Growing and planting: Westland
  • Clothing/gifts: Willsow Plantable books
  • Sustainability (joint): Willsow Plantable books/Hortiwool
  • Export: Westland
  • Supplier of the year: Meadow View Stone
  • Sword of Excellence: Westland Boost


Garden Care

Winner: Westland – Boost All Purpose Plant Food
Finalists: Woolcool – Hortiwool Felt Garden Pads, Hozelock – EasyMix 2-in-1 Composter, Evergreen Garden Care – Nourish & Protect range.

Category Sustainability Champion: Woolcool – Hortiwool Felt Garden Pads

About the winner: Boost All Purpose Plant Food produces four more times more flowers and an abundance of fruit and veg compared to watering alone. Benefitting from Westland’s PlantSense™ Technology – ‘Boost’ is suitable for feeding all plants, fruits and veg and peat and peat free composts

What the judges said: “'Exactly the product we needed! Clever branding and very commercial.”

Growing, Planting Equipment and Sundries

Winner: Westland – Visiroot Propagation range

Finalists: Elho – ‘Stack & Grow’ pots, Wildlife World – Plastic-Free Gardening Natural Rubber Seed Trays, Woolcool – Hortiwool Felt Garden Pads

Category Sustainability Champion: Wildlife World – Plastic-Free Gardening Natural Rubber Seed Trays

About the winner: Visiroot Trays are made from rPET, which is durable enough for use season after season, and can be recycled through all UK kerbside collections. The material also makes it easy to check root growth and monitor plant health and moisture levels with transparent green rPET material. Half-sized, multi-cell trays are easy to handle and suit the hobby gardener in a small greenhouse, whilst the unique moisture bridge cells, allow for even watering and distribution of nutrients preventing plants in cells from getting neglected.

What the judges said: “'Excellent reuse of plastic bottles” and “great overhaul of this product.”


Garden Tools, Machinery and Implements

Winner: Westland – Eversharp

Finalists:  EP Barrus – Anti Clog Leaf Rakes, Rollins Bulldog Tools – Bulldog /V&A Pedigree Garden Tool collaboration, Husqvarna UK – Gardena EcoLine handtools range

Category Sustainability Champion: Husqvarna UK – Gardena EcoLine handtools range

About the winner: Eversharp is penned as the hardest sharpest blade, that never blunts. Westland has enriched the range with delights for consumers, including ambidextrous, adjustable hand sizer, built-in string, and wire-cutters.

What the judges said: “Made in the UK, from durable long-lasting, high-quality materials.”


Outdoor Leisure

Winner: Garden Village – Waddington Garden Bar

Finalists: Smart Garden Products – Outside In Designs: Neptune Giant Alfresco Rug, Forest Garden - Firenze Corner Arbour, Zest – Zest Cherry Blossom Bench, Leisuregrow – Casa Mia Tempo Chiminea

Category Sustainability Champion: Smart Garden Products – Outside In Designs: Neptune Giant Alfresco Rug

About the winner:  Perfect for entertaining, the 'Waddington Garden Bar' has three adjustable shelves included as standard, with plenty of use-able space. It has also been pressure treated to increase durability and protect against rot to enable it to be used in your garden for many years to come.

What the judges said: “Well made, on-trend and simple.”


Plants, Seeds and Bulbs

Winner: Westland – Nature’s Haven 1.2kg

Finalists: Westland – Lawn Meadow Wildflower & Seed Mix, Westland – Lawn Revive Lawn Thickener

Category Sustainability Champion: Westland – Lawn Meadow Wildflower & Seed Mix

About the winner: Offering more seeds per metre than any other wildflower seed mix, this is the leading native wildflower easy sow mix on the market today. Supported by new 100% recycled box packaging.

What the judges said: “A good seller and popular range, plus it provides a great way to get more bees into your garden.”


Garden Landscaping

Winner: Treadstone Products – Pot & Trough Trellis

Finalists: Primeur – Eco Garden Maryland Border, Deco-Pak - EcoStone Rubber Chippings, Altico – Altico Aggregate Project Bags

Category Sustainability Champion: Primeur – Eco Garden Maryland Border

About the winner: The pot trellis is uniquely designed with a curved profile to follow the lines of circular pots, whilst the trough trellis mirrors the tapered design of most garden troughs. It also features textured paint to help plants grip to the trellis.

What the judges said: “Sturdy design suited to any garden situation and supported by a great price point.”


Garden Clothing & Gifts

Winner: Willsow – The Plantable Children's Book
Finalists: Treadstone Products – ClipGlove Pruner Glove, Rollins Bulldog Tools – Bulldog /V&A Pedigree Garden Tool collaboration, Treadstone Products – ClipGlove "Handy Bags & more..."

Category Sustainability Champion: Willsow – The Plantable Children's Book

About the winner: The world’s first plantable children’s book. Never before have you been able to read the story, plant the pages and grow/meet the main character! Each book is embedded with roughly 500 non-gmo vegetable or herb seeds (in the cover pages), which means they can be torn off and planted to grow the main character of each book. So far, the range features five different books, with each story benefitting from a deeper message, whilst also promoting sustainability. 

What the judges said: “Sustainable materials, plantable covers and encouraging young gardeners - Perfect!”


Pet Care, Aquatics and Wild Bird Care Products

Winner: Wildlife World – Artisan Natural Bee Skeps
Finalists: Wildlife World – The Bali Island Range, Artisan Hanging Bird Table, Bee Hotel and Bird Nestbox, Wildlife World – 'Water is Life' Bath and Drinker, Westland - Gardman Homegrown Harvest Seed Mix

Category Sustainability Champion: Wildlife World – Artisan Natural Bee Skeps

About the winners: These Fair-Trade Artisan Natural Bee Skeps are a fusion between the traditional European bee skeps and the skilled handmade style of artisans from Bangladesh. The range supports the artisan workers in Southern Bangladesh who make them—funding the survival of many women and their families in rural communities living in poverty.

What the judges said: “Great value for a beautiful, practical and sustainable product.”


Garden Lighting, Water Features & Ornamentation

Winner: The Solar Centre – Madison Drop Bulbs
Finalist: Woodlodge – Honey & Wild Tree Art, Smart Garden Products – Smart Solar Firefly Opal Lantern, Leisuregrow – Colour Changeable Table & Floor Lamps

Category Sustainability Champion: The Solar Centre – Madison Drop Bulbs

About the winner: These lights go back to basics, utilising a 3W solar panel and a high-capacity li-ion replaceable battery to keep the lights shining year-round.

What the judges said: “A quality, durable and on-trend product that is built to last.”


Decorative Pots & Planters

Winner: Primeur – Tierra Verde Recycled Rubber Flamenco Planter
Finalist: Elho – Vibia Campana Flower Twin, Elho – Greensense Aqua Care, Capi Europe BV – Waste Rib NL Collection

Category Sustainability Champion: Capi Europe BV – Waste Rib NL Collection

About the winner: A large new modern planter, offering a new silhouette to the range, adding choice and design options to suit indoor and outdoor spaces. Made from 100% recycled rubber tyres, which have been diverted from landfill. Recycled rubber is not only an eco-friendly choice, it also offers the customer superior durability and protection from extreme weather conditions, with no fading, no cracking or rotting. This is also beneficial to retailers, as the planters will not break on display.

What the judges said: “Great price for a large container, with clear eco credentials.”



Best Point of Sale Material

Winner: Westland – Boost All Purpose Plant Feed Gondola POS
Finalists: WHM Pet Group – Wild Bird Eco-Refill Pick 'N' Mix Wooden Cart, Treadstone Products – ClipGlove Pruner Display Stand, Elho – Display Street Concept

Category Sustainability Champion: WHM Pet Group – Wild Bird Eco-Refill Pick 'N' Mix Wooden Cart

About the winner: Feeding your plants is more important than ever in our new world of peat-free growing. This POS was designed to showcase ‘Boost’ and give consumers the garden they want. To educate, to entice, to excite and ultimately give them 4 x more blooms. It is deliberately eye-catching, modern, fresh but, most importantly, educational, and informative, so consumers can make an informed choice.

What the judges said: “Eye catching and brings the product to life. It’s also clearly linked to the TV advertising.”


Best Sustainable Product Packaging

Winner: Smart Garden Products – Useful Garden Sundries and Accessories
Finalists: Evergreen Garden Care – Bring Back to store Compost Recycling scheme, WHM Pet Group – 100% Recycled, Recyclable & Biodegradable Wild Bird Packaging range, Evergreen Garden Care – Refill stations

Category Sustainability Champions: Evergreen Garden Care – Bring Back to store Compost Recycling scheme

About the winner: The Useful range provides consumers with an easy eco-choice when topping up on garden sundries and accessories – without compromising on the robustness of the packaging or the quality of the product within. A comprehensive collection of practical products and handy items.

What the judges said: “The first range to make the move to cardboard in the sundries market, in doing so they have made the product look new and interesting.”


Best Marketing Communication & Social Media Award

Winner: Westland – Boost All Purpose Plant Feed Marketing Campaign
Finalists: Westland – 'Peckish guide to Tits' & 'Check your Balls’ social media campaign, Evergreen Garden Care – Miracle-Gro: Friends over the Fence campaign, Evergreen Garden Care – Miracle-Gro: Keep Growing Campaign

About the winner: Designed to be a beautiful film that celebrates gardening and shows it in a new and exciting light to the viewer. Appealing to everyone, from your professional gardener to your student with a window box who fancies giving it a go for the first time, content was specifically designed to have an eye-catching and entertaining style, whilst visually stunning to entice the viewer and make them sit up and take notice.

What the judges said: “Possibly the most memorable TV ad since the launch of Miracle Gro.”

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