Geoff Hamilton Winter Border takes step forward

Barnsdale Gardens' student gardener, Georgie Allen, has been making excellent progress with the redevelopment of the Winter Border.

GHNGF trustee John Parker, Barnsdale's owner Nick Hamilton, Georgie Allen, GHNGF trustees Lynda Hamilton & Tony Hamilton. Image: Supplied

Under the guidance of owner Nick Hamilton and Head Gardener Jon Brocklebank, Allen's primary task is to redevelop the Winter Border to mark 20 years since Geoff Hamilton's untimely death.

Her placement is being funded by a bursary fromGeoff Hamilton's New Gardeners' Foundation and the trustees recently popped in to see how the work was progressing.

Most of the plants that were no longer required have been removed and with the onset of winter some are now due to be moved into their new position within the border. Development work will continue until the border's official opening in the summer of 2016. 

The Foundation also supports students at Writtle College near Chelmsford, Geoff’s old college, and at Garden Organic near Coventry.

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