Four Oaks returns: preview part two

Four Oaks

The 50th anniversary Four Oaks trade show returns on 6-7 September at Lower Withington, Cheshire.

The show boasts a refreshed seminar programme (see full programme here) and hundreds of exhibitors from the UK and overseas - there are 537 stands booked by more than 300 exhibitors as of 30 August. See full list here.

Awards are on 6 September at 5.30pm. See here for details.

HortWeek has been running previews from individual businesses throughout the summer. Click on each for more.

PREVIEW part one

Seiont will launch Agapanthus ‘Starry Night’ and Cortaderia selloana ‘Tiny Pampa’, which will be in flower then, as well as Hebe ‘Pink Starburst’. There are 7,500 available and Seiont could double that by taking cuttings to respond to demand. One customer has committed to 5,000 plants.

Pentland Plants will exhibit new varieties such as Bacopa Scopia Gulliver plus more compact verbenas and petunias. Pentland owner David Spray says: “The industry lives on new varieties.”

Seeds of Italy’s Andrew Collings points out that with Glee having moved from September to June, smaller retailers will favour Four Oaks because it fits their buying patterns better as the only September show.

Ball Colegrave will be promoting new award-winning varieties double Impatiens ‘Glimmer’ — the only Impatiens on the market recognised by the International Seed Federation to have “high resistance” to Impatiens downy mildew — and the striking yellow Petunia ‘Bee’s Knees’. These varieties will be joined by Toscana Galaxy, an interspecific series of geranium with controlled vigour for larger three- to 7.5-litre pots, combined with outstanding garden performance.

A line-up of new-to-market shrubs, herbaceous perennials and exotics particularly suited to premium patio sales will be on show from the Lasting Beauty programme, including MangaveLavandula Lavinnova and Buddleja Butterfly Candy.

This year will be the 30th time Ravensworth Nurseries has invested in a presence at Four Oaks. It will be displaying “Watch ’em Grow” starter plants, hanging baskets, tubs, indoor planted arrangements and poinsettias.

Harkness Roses national sales manager Dave Andrews will inform visitors about the wholesaler’s new David Domoney Great British Rose Revival range. It will be promoted via television, newspapers and social media throughout 2023, promising success for new and old gardeners with great varieties they can buy from Harkness stockists.

This marks the 31st time for Volmary (formally Delamore) to exhibit young plant products at the show, with Dianthus Garden Pleasures, Dianthus Baby Doris and Dianthus Double Pink Chiffon among plants featuring this year.

Sales director Chris Finlay said: “It’s an honour to have been associated with The Four Oaks show for over 30 years, in fact none of us are old enough to remember when we first took part! t’s always been a hub for growers to discuss new products and innovation.”

Overseas exhibitors are a popular feature of Four Oaks. This year will mark the 10th time for Zelari Piante exhibiting. The UK sales team will be out in force to tell visitors about its innovative products and services, including new ordering technologies.

Representatives from HilverdaFlorist will be on hand to inform visitors about the company's innovative breeding and young plant production in AlstroemeriaEchinaceaSalviaGerberaDianthus and Helleborus.

Area sales manager Ivo Groot says he has chosen to exhibit at this year’s Four Oaks because he has lots of new and exciting products, including three new varieties of the Alstroemeria Summer Paradise Series — Summer Pepper, Summer Rose and Wild Valley — as well as the new Alstroemeria Inticancha Sunstar.

New products

New exhibitors will include GreenBest promoting its all-new horticultural fertiliser brand Florifeed, designed for both incorporation within growing media as well as top dressing for all ornamental horticultural flowering plants, shrubs, and trees. Manufactured at its site in Somerset, and using unique coatings of organic plant oils, GreenBest aims to supply a product with a reduced carbon footprint that meets all future environmental responsibilities.

A new Christmas company, Missus Knows Best, will be exhibiting at Four Oaks for the first time. Customers will be able to order from immediate stock for 2022 sales and get to see and pre-order the 2023 range. The products are for stores looking for something different at affordable prices, quirky and of premium quality. 

Airflow will enter Bertie, its new Christmas tree stand into the new product awards at the show.

Mondi Plants representatives will be telling visitors about its new automated production line, enhanced by new business process management and integrated with more versatile software. It will be in place by the end of 2022.

Modiform will be showcasing its transparent green PET bedding packs, made from recycled drinks bottles. Its “ecoExpert” range, made from waste cardboard, is recyclable (Cyclos certified), biodegradable and compostable. This year, Modiform introduced online packaging for sustainable and safe shipping of potted plants — a 100% recyclable and plastic-free solution. 

Plantopia Eco Pulp will soon be opening a new factory in Lancashire to produce a range of biodegradable pulp products to replace single-use plastics in the commercial horticulture industry. The company’s Christopher Haley says Plantopia has already completed the design of a marketing tray that will be available in several pot sizes. Products include a carry tray, 13cm pot and jumbo six-pack, which fit 14 per Danish Trolley shelf and 2,000 on a pallet.

Ebtech Glasshouse Systems will be displaying its new/used glasshouses, screening, polyhouses, benching, heating, electrical services and climate and irrigation control systems.

Hortifeeds will be at Four Oaks for a 25th time, discussing its extensive range of fertilisers and biostimulants. Regional sales managers Paul Wright, Ben Dalton and Jonathan Garratt plus Agronomist Mike Wainwright will be available to answer questions.

TerrazzaMC will be highlighting products and services including GeotexPRO, eGeotexPRO, focusing on how Geotex PRO helps with the maintenance and cleaning of geotextile surfaces in the greenhouse area. GeotexPRO means chemical-free cleaning, without or with the use of minimal water.

Horticultural charity Perennial will be working in partnership with the NHS Innovation Agency, which will bring along volunteers from its Heart Heroes programme to help promote the “Know Your Numbers! Week” blood pressure awareness campaign. Free blood pressure and pulse checks will be offered to show visitors. 


6 September — Technical and environmental

10am: Application and techniques when applying biopesticides. Ant Surrage (Fargro).

11am: Discussing sustainable growing solutions. Grow, nurture, protect your future. ICL.

12 noon: Responsible Sourcing Scheme. Steve Carter (Fleurie Nursery), Neil Bragg (Bulrush Horticulture) and Steve Harper (Southern Trident/Responsible Sourcing Scheme).

12.45pm: Sustainability in Horticulture. Expert panel discussion chaired by HortWeek editor Matthew Appleby, with Dave Denny (HTA), Tammy Woodhouse (Garden Centre Association/Millbrook), Vicky Nuttall (Garden Industry Manufacturers Association) and Steve Harper (Southern Trident/Responsible Sourcing Scheme).

2pm: Handling an outbreak of a new non-native pest outbreak in a garden centre or nursery. Animal & Plant Health Agency and Defra.

3pm: Plant Healthy Certification Scheme. Alastair Yeomans (Plant Healthy Certification Scheme).Seminars: 7 September — People and skills

7 September — People & Skills

11am: Horticultural worker issues Q&A. Rachael Forsyth (HortWeek) and Helen Waddington (Perennial).

12.30pm: Planting for a sustainable future. Expert panel discussion chaired by Clare Matterson (RHS director general), with Ruth Willmott (Ruth Willmott Associates), Stefano Sogni (Zelari Piante) and John Huibers (Tamar Nurseries).

2pm: Encouraging more young people into horticulture. Expert panel discussion chaired by the Young People in Horticulture Association, with Boyd Douglas-Davies (HTA/British Garden Centres), Helen Sessions (Chartered Institute of Horticulture) and Sarah Want (MorePeople).

Platinum sponsor

  • LBS: Has more than 5,000 horticultural, irrigation and landscaping products in stock and is excited to be showcasing its new range of professional growing media, planters, hanging baskets and the Bronte Heritage Collection.

Gold sponsors

  • ICL: Leading brands include Levington Advance professional growing media, the power and consistency of Osmocote Exact CRF to the purity of ICL’s Peters range of water-soluble fertilisers and new innovative technologies for plant protections and plant stimulation, such as Pitcher GR for biological vine weevil protection.
  • Desch Plantpak: Offering RECOVER®. Near infrared (NIR) detectable “post-consumer” plastic and Cyclos HTP-certified, which means that they meet the highest detectability and recycling requirements. D-Tect®plus, made of NIR-detectable recycled plastic and Cyclos HTP certified. The D-Tect®plus is a new addition to the range — a sustainable solution based on recycled plastic, mainly post-industrial (PIR). D-Tect®plus can be separated from waste using NIR technology, and can also be separated from heavier plastics because it floats on water. D-Tect®plus is therefore Cyclos HTP certified, the highest standard for plastic recycling. D-Tect®plus is available in the colour terracotta as standard. D-Tect®plus flower pots, which are characterised by their grey interiors, are also ideal for printing.

Click here for the full 2022 Four Oaks Trade Show exhibitor list. See below:

  • A.S.T.A. Piante
  • Acers Unlimited New Zealand
  • ACT Publishing
  • Adrian Ayley UK Ltd
  • Aerona (Air &Sea) Customs clearing Agents Ltd
  • Aeroplas (UK) Ltd
  • Agralan Ltd
  • Agricultural Projects Holland B.V.
  • Agrigem Ltd
  • AgrowSer / VDH Poly Greenhouses B.V.
  • Airflow Ltd
  • Allensmore Nurseries
  • Alpha Plants Ltd
  • Altitude 500
  • Anglo Aquatic Plant Co Ltd
  • Anglo Eastern Trading Co Ltd
  • Animal and Plant Health Agency
  • APAC Group Ltd
  • Atlas Flowers Limited
  • Ball FloraPlant
  • Ball
  • Beekenkamp Plants
  • Bluepoint Tags and Labels
  • Bolton Christmas Trees
  • Boomkwekerij C. Van Roessel
  • Boomkwekerij Laurijssen BV
  • Botanics International Ltd
  • BOWECO vof
  • Bridge Greenhouses Ltd
  • Bridge Nursery
  • British Protected Ornamentals Association
  • Cadeby Tree Sales Ltd
  • Calipso Roast Ltd
  • Cargo Refrigeration
  • Carlesi Vivai
  • Chapel Cottage Plants Ltd
  • Chartered Institute of Horticulture (CIH)
  • Churnet Valley Garden Furniture Ltd
  • Classiflora Imports Ltd
  • Climate Supplies Limited
  • Clover Peat Ltd
  • CMW Horticulture Ltd
  • Cohen Propagation Nurseries
  • Commercial Horticultural Association
  • Consorzio Ortovivaisti Pistoiesi
  • Covili Franco Vivai Piante
  • Crafted Stone Ltd
  • Dalefoot Composts
  • Danmar Logistics Ltd
  • Danziger
  • Darwin Plants
  • Davenham Nursery
  • David Austin Roses
  • De Kuil Hedging BV
  • De Ree UK Ltd
  • Deforche Export
  • Dejex Supplies Ltd
  • Denis-Plants
  • Desch Plantpak Ltd
  • Diderk Heinje Baumschulpflanzenhandels GmbH & Co.KG
  • Don-Kwiat Ltd
  • Dura-ID Solutions Limited
  • Durston Garden Products Ltd
  • Earl Armor Multiplants
  • Easitill Ltd
  • East Riding Horticulture Ltd
  • Ebben B.V.
  • Ebtech Glasshouse Systems Ltd
  • Eco Green Composting
  • Elburg Smit
  • Ellipse Fabrications Limited
  • Elsner PAC
  • ePower Trucks
  • Eureka Growing Systems Ltd
  • Europlants UK LTD
  • Eurostick
  • EuroTree Green for Life
  • Evergreeen Horticulture
  • Excelerate Ltd
  • Fairweathers
  • Fargro Limited
  • FCTP - SP Trading (Scotland) Ltd
  • Fiskars UK
  • Floralabels
  • Floramedia UK Ltd
  • FlorAmor
  • Floribras Garden Plants
  • Force Greenhouse Demolition BV
  • Fordingbridge PLC
  • Forest Garden Ltd
  • Formbar Limited
  • Freshpac Teas & Coffees Ltd
  • G O & M L Jones
  • G.C Stolwijk & Co B.V.
  • GAL Systems Ltd
  • Garden Industry Manufacturer's Association (GIMA)
  • Gardeners Kitchen Ltd
  • GASA Group Denmark A/S
  • GE Current
  • Gedney Bulb Company Ltd
  • Gelderplant Export BV
  • Genesis Plant Marketing Limited
  • GIMA
  • Golden Grove Nursery Ltd
  • Grazers Ltd
  • Green Mile Trees Ltd
  • GreenBest Ltd
  • Greenfield Software Ltd
  • Growmoor Better Growing
  • Harkness Roses Wholesale
  • Hellostone
  • HilverdaFlorist
  • Hishtil Nurseries
  • Hogendoorn Holland BV
  • Holland Liners BV
  • Hoogenraad Handelskwekerijen BV
  • Horconex BV
  • Hort Week
  • Hortec Grow with Technology Ltd
  • Horticultural Trade Association (HTA)
  • Hortifeeds Ltd
  • Hortipak
  • Hortisystems UK Ltd
  • HSK Gardening & Leisure Ltd
  • Huverba bv
  • IBN Kwekerijen
  • ICL UK & Ireland
  • Image Retail Solutions Ltd
  • Impulse Plants BV
  • Infinity Christmas Trees Ltd
  • Innocenti Mangoni Piante
  • Irish Advanced Liners
  • J. A. Jones & Sons (Churchtown) Ltd
  • J.W. Crum BV
  • Jaldety Propagation Nurseries
  • James McIntyre & Sons
  • Jardine Leisure
  • Javo BV
  • Jelitto Perennial Seeds
  • Jessica Bee's Wildflower
  • JFH Horticultural Supplies Ltd
  • Jiffy Products (UK) Limited
  • Joseph Noblett
  • Juakali
  • JUB Holland UK Ltd.
  • Keder Greenhouse
  • Kernock Park Plants
  • KG Greenhouses
  • Kieft Pro Seeds
  • Kings Seeds
  • Kolff Plants BV
  • Koppert Biological Systems UK
  • Kwazar UK Ltd
  • Laxsjon Plants BV
  • LBS Horticulture
  • Liner Plants New Zealand
  • Lineside Nursery
  • Lovania Nurseries
  • LS Systems Ltd
  • Macpac LTD
  • Maldwyn Lloyd (Christmas Tree Specialist)
  • Marble by design
  • MasterTag
  • Mayfield Stone
  • Mechanical Botanical Ltd
  • Melcourt Industries Ltd
  • Michaël Rahoens BV
  • Millview Nurseries
  • Minier Nurseries
  • Missus know Best Ltd
  • MNP / Suntory
  • Mobilane UK LTD
  • Mockridge nurseries Ltd
  • Modiform
  • Moles Seeds (UK) Ltd
  • Mondi Plants
  • More People
  • Muller Bloemzaden BV
  • Natura Grow
  • New Century Glasshouses Ltd
  • New Leaf Irrigation Ltd
  • New Leaf Plants Ltd
  • Newey Ltd
  • NFU Energy
  • Northern Polytunnels
  • Nostrand Ltd
  • Nursery Garden Group
  • Oakleystone Northern Ltd
  • Oakover Nurseries Ltd
  • OnePay
  • Optimal Currency Ltd
  • P Tolan Plants
  • PanAmerican Seed
  • Pannebakker & Co B.V.
  • Penny UK Greenhouses
  • Pentland Plants
  • Perennial
  • Petersfield Growing Mediums
  • Plandorex GIE
  • Plant Health Alliance
  • Plant Iberia
  • Plant Market B.V.
  • Plantline BV/UK Ltd
  • Plantopia Eco Pulp Ltd
  • Polybuild Ltd
  • Poppelmann GmbH & Co. KG
  • Pots of Distinction
  • Powerplus Group
  • PPC Labels (The Plastic Printing Co Ltd)
  • Premium Christmas Trees
  • Professional Sprayers People
  • Ravensworth Nurseries
  • Red Barn Wild Bird Foods (Optimum Projects (UK) Limited)
  • Responsible Sourcing Scheme Limited
  • Rijnbeek Perennials Export B.V.
  • Riverco Trading
  • RocketGro Limited
  • Root Pouch / Ikon Horticulture
  • Royal Brinkman
  • Sakata Ornamentals EMEA
  • SAP Trees
  • Schneider Youngplants Ltd
  • Seiont Nurseries Ltd
  • Shri Ambica Polymer Private Limited
  • Sinclair (A division of Westland Horticulture Ltd)
  • Soc. Agr. Niccolai Elio e Figli S.S.
  • Solgrow Ltd
  • Soparco
  • Southern Trident Ltd
  • Spanish Plants
  • Star International
  • SupaGrow/Suburban Stone
  • Suttons Nurseries
  • Syngenta Seeds B.V.
  • Syngenta Seeds B.V.
  • T. Wezelenburg Handelskwekerij B.V.
  • Tamar Nurseries Ltd
  • TCE Electrical Ltd
  • TerrazzaMC - UK
  • The Christmas Cabin
  • The Garden Centre Association
  • The Real Tree Co Ltd
  • The Willow Wand Limited
  • Thermobile (UK) Ltd
  • Tildenet
  • Tonton Buxus B.V.
  • Travellers Finds Ltd
  • TSD IT Solutions in Green
  • Turcieflor ets Pierre Turc
  • Tyne Moulds & Machinery Co Ltd
  • UPL Europe Limited
  • Valagro UK Ltd
  • Valley Christmas Trees
  • Van den Beucken Boomteelt BV
  • Van Hulle B&C
  • Van Meerten (R.) Boomkwekerijen BV
  • Vannucci Piante
  • Viking Nurseries Ltd
  • VLAM - Flanders' Agricultural Marketing Board
  • Volmary Ltd
  • W S Barrett & Son Ltd
  • Walter Blom Plants BV
  • West Kington Nurseries LTD
  • Woodlodge Products Ltd
  • Wormganix Worm Castings
  • Wreaths n Reindeers Ltd
  • XL Horticulture
  • Yorkshire Flowerpots
  • YPHA
  • Zelari Piante
  • Zenflora A/S
  • Zest

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