Wednesday 13 June, Birmingham


Garden 360 (2018)

Registration and Refreshments


Pre-Event Interview



Chair's Opening Remarks

Kate Lowe, Editor, Horticulture Week

Matthew Appleby, Deputy Editor, Horticulture Week


KEYNOTE: 2018 And Beyond: A 360 View On Key Industry Trends



Panel Discussion: How Can The Garden Industry Go From Being Great To Being Exceptional?

Ian Riggs, Key Account Manager, Lechuza

Neville Stein, Managing Director, Ovation

Ian Charles, Manager, Primrose  

  • Garden centres and the need for a fresh approach:
    • Competing with other visitor attractions
    • Being innovative while keeping costs down
    • Moving from a horticulture based approach to a retail centred strategy
  • Experiential sites and how to trigger an emotional connection
  • Analysing customer behaviour and addressing the need to become social media savvy
  • How to educate your customers: Are you selling plants or knowledge?
    • Do your customers knowit's not that difficult to maintain plants?
    • Using technology and apps to overcome maintenance concerns on plants

Morning Networking Break


Overcoming The Recruitment Challenge And How To Retain Talents


  • How improving on communication strategies can have a positive impact on recruitment
  • How to make the younger generation fall in love with horticulture
  • Developing training schemes and apprenticeships to help retain talent
  • Tackling issues related to quality of staff, commitment and seasonal labour in order to avoid negative impact on the supply chain

Panel Discussion: The Xylella Bacteria And Alien Disease Challenge 

Steve McCurdy, Managing Director, Majestic Trees

Professor Nicola Spence, Chief Plant Health Officer, DEFRA

Richard McKenna, Managing Director, Provender Nurseries

  • The Xylella bacteria and its potential PR issues
  • The role of regulatory authorities and trading agreements
  • Can Brexit represent an opportunity to be more selective on what we import?
  • The need for resilience in plant health and protection
  • Developing quarantine restrictions and how this would change the role of nurseries

Networking Lunch


Presentation of "The Top 100 Report" And Interview On Stage With The Horticulutre Editorial Team

Kate Lowe, Editor, Horticulture Week

Matthew Appleby, Deputy Editor, Horticulture Week


Mix And Match!

You will have the opportunity to join 3 round tables (30 minutes each) or remain at your table to continue the discussion on your preferred topic.

  1. Brexit: Exploring Opportunitites and Threats

Host: Tim Edwards,  Managing Director,  Boningale

  1. Being Data Driven: How to Understand Customer Behaviour To Enhance Growth

Host:  Ian Charles, Manager, Primrose 

  1. Horticulture And Wellbeing
  2. Environmental Responsibility
  3. Embracing Online Retail

Networking Break


Panel Discussion: Reducing Chemicals And Plastic Usage in Horticulture

Guy Barter, Chief Horticulturist, RHS

  • A joint industry effort: how horticulture will gain considerable public approval by accepting its social and environmental responsibilities
  • How can legislation drive the change in chemical usage?
  • The Glyphosate case study and its risk assessment
  • The issue with plastic packaging and disposal and the neeed for a suitable alternative
  • Why biodegradeable sheeting and paper are currently not suitable for long-distance fruit and vegetable marketing

Chair's Closing Remarks

Kate Lowe, Editor, Horticulture Week

Matthew Appleby, Deputy Editor, Horticulture Week


End Of Garden 360

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