Horticulture Week Conference - Going for Growth

23 Jun 2020
Horticulture Week in partnership with DEFRA
Birmingham Botanical Gardens


Given changing exchange rates, post-Brexit trading arrangements and tighter biosecurity policies there is a clear opportunity for the UK ornamentals market to expand and grow.  It is estimated that currently over 50% of the supplies to UK retailers comes via or from the Netherlands. Being over reliant on this international supply is not only a risk for the market dynamics, but more significantly a biosecurity risk. 

UK growers demonstrating good quality service through quality produce, efficiency and variety, should be able to compete with continental markets and substitute plant imports. This would not only significantly grow the domestic market, but also reduce domestic biosecurity risk.

However, UK ornamental growers face a number of challenges which need to be overcome to expand production. Going for Growth: The UK Ornamentals Market Conference is the opportunity for policy makers, growers, plant buyers and their suppliers to come together and develop strategies to help the UK ornamental growers grow their market share.  


During the one day conference we will examine the issues that need to be addressed to enable the industry to seize this opportunity – including skills, labour, productivity, automation, R&D, commercial issues. Moreover, with the support of Defra we will truly identify the level of demand in the UK for the plant imports to be substituted.

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