Garden 360

13 Jun 2018
Horticulture Week
Birmingham, TBC


Building on Horticulture Week’s well-established and highly regarded annual Garden Retail Summit, Garden 360 is extending the strategic level content that the brand is best known for to address all business challenges within the garden industry.

The garden industry is considered by many as being in a phase of stalemate with an urgency to revolutionise itself in a world where garden centres are now being considered visitor attractions just like museums or food festivals. The industry as a whole is competing on a much bigger level with an urgency to re-invent itself.

Additionally, there is an increasing need for greater cross-industry collaboration to solve macro-level issues such as, alien disease threats, reducing the use of chemicals and smarter plastic usage and recycling, ensuring a strong cross-industry environmental responsibility. 

This year’s Garden 360 will bring together retailers, plant suppliers, garden product suppliers, providers of garden landscape and other services from all parts of the garden industry to collaborate and address the most pressing challenges they face. Attendees from all sectors will benefit from insights drawn from exclusive garden industry market research, learning from leading garden industry case studies, understand actionable data from experts and more.

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