5th European Turfgrass Society Field Days 2017

12 Sep 2017 - 13 Sep 2017
European Turfgrass Society/ Czech greenkeepers association


Organized by Dr. Stanislav Hejduk and hosted by Mendel University – faculty of Agri Sciences.

Co-organized by the Czech greenkeepers association (CGA) and with the Scientific Society of Mendel University.

For accomodation please contact:

web: http://www.hotelavanti.cz/en/

e-mail: hotel@hotelavanti.cz , phone: +420 541 510 211 or +420 541 510 111.

When you book the accommodation use the password: European Turfgrass Society

On behalf of the European Turfgrass Society, Scientific Society of Mendel university in Brno have the honour to invite ETS members and other turfgrass enthusiastics to the 5th Field days in Brno, Czech Republic.

The ETS Field days is a two-day event that is organised every two years and it is intended to promote the exchange of information among turfgrass specialists from universities, official bodies, private companies but also among practical greenkeepers and groundsmen.

As turfgrass industry in the Czech Republic is facing to weather extremes (e.g. pronounced drought and hot waves), legislation restrictions and various environmental challenges (e.g. GC construction on fly ash deposition or on reclamation areas) the main topic of the 5th Field days in Brno is “Turfgrasses in accordance with changing nature”.

As usual, the first day will be devoted to lectures of invited speakers from diverse European countries and from the USA. The venue of the lecture day will be Mendel University in Brno.

The second day (September the 13th) we will visit most famous 27 holes golf course nearby Brno – GC Kaskáda. The headgreenkeeper Jirí Kapeš uses low levels of fertilizers (spoon feeding), constrains use of pesticides and seek to do the course multifunctional. He is also a board member of Czech greenkeepers association and closely co-operates with Mendel University. Next stop will be in Lednice castle park, which is a part of large landscape complex which is protected as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The small town Lednice which is situated close to Austrian and Slovak border is also a site of Horticultural Faculty of Mendel University. The final site during the excursion day is Závod in Slovakia (Richter Rasen Co.).

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