APSE parks seminar 2017 - Can we afford to Park the problems?

15 Mar 2017
Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire


The world’s population is becoming increasingly more urbanised and as a result, the demand on green spaces has become greater, both in terms of areas for new development and equally as opportunities for public recreation.

Parks and the wider green infrastructure is now acknowledged as having a critical role in improving the nation’s health and general wellbeing. By providing places for exercise, cultural events, and for everyday contact with the environment, parks show themselves to be a vital part of our lives especially as many of us are now increasingly confined to home, commuting and our places of work.
Despite their value, parks and greenspaces are facing unprecedented budgetary cuts which are threatening their future existence. The APSE 2016 State of the Market Survey on Parks, revealed that over 90% of parks managers expected revenue for parks to decrease in 2016/17 and 69% expect reductions in capital investment.

It is against this backdrop of ongoing budget reductions, APSE’s 2017 Annual Parks Seminar intends to give colleagues some hope, by exposing them to innovative approaches to securing the long-term future of these valuable environmental assets.

The seminar is a must attend event for those officers and members who want to look at new ways of dealing with parks and greenspace issues, whether they be financial, environmental or social. It is intended that there will be particular emphasis on the future funding of parks, looking at the different alternatives.

Darja Scukina , Phone 0161 772 1811, dscukina@apse.org.uk.

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