EIGHT giant veg records broken at Malvern UPDATED

The UK National Giant Vegetables Championship was held at the Malvern Autumn Show this weekend with eight Guinness World Records broken.

Vincent Sjodin with the heaviest cucumber weighing 13.388kg

Welsh grower Kevin Fortey has broken a Guinness World Record (his ninth) for the world's tallest ever Tomatillo Plant. Fortey runs the 6,000-strong Giant Veg Facebook group.

Guinness World Records Malvern 24 September 2023

1. Peter Glazebrook Largest Runner Bean Leaf 63.8 x 67.7cm
2. Derek Hulme Heaviest Runner Bean 196g
3. Kevin Fortey Tallest Tomatillo Plant 3.529m (below)
4. Joe Atherton Longest Luffa 1.296m
5. Peter Glazebrook Heaviest Bell Pepper 0.750kg
6. Vincent Sjodin Heaviest Cucumber 13.388kg
7. James Brown Heaviest Broad Bean 192g
8. James Brown Longest Broad Bean 43.1cm

Results for 2023 included:

  • Curtis Leach heaviest pumpkin 636.8kg (below)

  • Trevor Oakley heaviest squash 213.3kg
  • Vincent Sjodin heaviest marrow 70.7kg, cucumer 13.388kg, potato 3.332kg
  • Paul Rochester heaviest leek 6.1kg
  • Paul Proud heaviest carrot 4.105kg
  • Ian Neale heaviest swede 27.3kg
  • Curtis Leach heaviest watermelon 45.2kg
  • Tim Saint heaviest beeterroot 19.56kg
  • Paul Rochester heaviest radish 12.895kg
  • Annette Stone heaviest cabbage 14.1kg
  • Ian Neale heaviest celery 16.59g
  • Chris Evans red cabbage 26.6kg
  • Peter Glazebrook canteloupe 26.4kg, 3 onions 20.4kg, pepper 0.75kg, aubergine 2.77kg,
  • Joe Atherton,: longest beetroot 8.392m, carrot 3.982m, parsnip 3.718m, radish 6.604m

Tens of thousands of visitors watched the elite growers display their winners. Top prize is £100. There were 643 entries.

The 2022 Malvern show totted up a record-breaking number of Guinness
World Records, with 11 new titles set for World Records, from the heaviest field pumpkin (121.6kg by Mark Baggs from Dorset) to the longest turnip (4.605m from Joe Atherton from Nottinghamshire).

Three more records: On 15 September, Gareth Griffin presented the world’s heaviest onion – 8.97-kg (19-lb 12.4-oz)  – at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show in North Yorkshire.

Sebastian Suski: longest cucumber – 113.4 cm (3 ft 8.64 in), confirmed on 20 August 2022. 

Peter Glazebrook: longest runner bean (89.7 cm; 2 ft 11.31 in), in August.

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