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How to control vine weevil: Nemasys L

Nemasys L helps keep vine weevils under control but you need to apply correctly. Here's a quick guide to both product and process…

Vine Weevil (Otiorynchus sulcatus) is one of the most serious pests seen on ornamental nurseries. They are a constant threat, especially in hardy nursery stock, as adults can arrive on site from any number of sources, including bought in plants, and can easily establish a population. Once on site numbers can build rapidly over a year or two, and if not kept in check can cause considerable damage.

Nemasys L: A curative treatment for use in temperatures above 5oC 
If larvae are found within your pots you have to apply a curative drench treatment of nematodes. When used correctly nematodes can provide an excellent corrective effect.

Studies and experience have shown control levels in excess of 90% in many cases. But success is based very much on correct timing and application.

Available in two sizes:
Nemasys L (Steinernema kraussei) Tray of 250 million
Nemasys L (Steinernema kraussei) Tray of 50 million 


Application of nematodes can be made using standard spray equipment, lances, Dosatrons via irrigation lines or watering can in those situations where relatively small areas are to be treated. Nematodes are generally quite resistant to pressure and will not be harmed by the pressures regularly found in hydraulic spray equipment. However, it is essential to follow the manufacturers guidelines and these few general rules.

Spray equipment must be cleaned thoroughly before use with nematodes. Chemical residues may be detrimental to them.

Fine filters should be removed as these can create blockages when applying nematode products.

If applying via irrigation lines ensure these are free of deposits that may cause blockages.

Water temperature should be between 5 and 20°c.

The water tank must be constantly agitated throughout the process as nematodes settle out very quickly at the rate of approximately 1cm/minute.

It is standard to apply drench treatments at between 5% and 10% of pot volume. For example, a 1 litre pot would require a drench of 50ml to 100ml of diluted product.

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