Charles Notcutt retires after 50 years at garden centre company

Charles Notcutt has retired after 50 years at his family's business.

Around 200 staff with at least 10 years' service attended a retirement lunch last week, with the total number of years' experience present at the event reaching more than 4,000.

Notcutt will step down as president and take an honorary role at the family firm, which now consists of 19 garden centres. He also intends to write a book about Notcutts and travel more, particularly with the Dendrological Society.

Notcutts representative Sally Reed said: "He wanted to stay a bit longer but, with the evolving face of the business, which has changed dramatically since he was fully involved, it was his choice to retire."

She added that writing a book would be "entirely in character" for Notcutt.

The company bought six NWF centres this month after having sold its nursery and tree-growing arms and pulling out of garden design in recent years.

Deputy chairman William Notcutt has taken over Charles Notcutt's property role, while Andy King is chief executive and George Paul is chairman.

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