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What Kit?Professional rear-handle chainsaws and top-handle chainsaws for use by arborists, tree surgeons, gardeners, grounds maintenance and landscape contractors working in gardens, parks, estates, forests and other green spaces.

Husqvarna 450 chainsaw - image: HW

Review - Chainsaws

With such a wide choice on offer everyone should be able to find a model that meets their professional needs, says Sally Drury

Latest Chainsaw Reviews

How To Buy & Market Reports

Arborist cutting branches high up in a tree using a Ego Power+ CSX3000 top-handled chainsaw

What are the latest chainsaw innovations for tree work?

Light and compact: 2.8kg DUC254Z-18V intended for use by operators when climbing - image: Makita

What do the latest developments in petrol and battery-powered chainsaws have to offer?

Makita: vibration-dampening technology on premium saws reduces risk to operator - image: HW

Chainsaws - Improving performance

Battery chainsaws offer many advantages while innovative technology shelps the latest petrol models meet emissions standards, writes Sally Drury.

More Mower Reviews & Articles

Highly manoeuvrable: CS-2511WES has the best power-to-weight ratio in its class - image: Echo Tools
Makita DUC353Z chainsaw - image: HW

Chainsaws tested and reviewed: battery v petrol

How do the latest battery models shape up against new petrol chainsaws when tested at Bridgwater College? Sally Drury reports.

Battery tools: latest range introduced by Echo aims to take on petrol counterparts - image: Echo Tools

Battery tools on the up

The revolution in battery powered equipment continues apace with more manufacturers offering ever-improving machines, Sally Drury reports.

Makita: two fully charged 5.0Ah batteries able to deliver 60 cuts through 5in timber - image: Makita

Chainsaws and pruning tools

Selecting the most appropriate equipment for the job is key to getting the best result and there are plenty of new options, Sally Drury finds

Battery power: often cheaper to purchase and easier to start and operate - image: Husqvarna

Buyers' guide - Chainsaws

Chainsaw sales are buoyant at the moment; it's that time of year. Winter gale damage needs clearing and firewood preparing.

Pellenc Sellion P130 pole saw - image: HW

Tested and reviewed - Arboriculture kit

These battery and petrol pole saws help arborists keep their feet on the ground but which will the students at Bridgwater College prefer? Sally Drury finds out.

Tree work: Echo has set out to create lightweight chainsaws to limit operator fatigue

Chainsaws - design refinements

Manufacturers' latest top-handle models have been designed with the exacting demands of professional arborists in mind, Sally Drury reports.

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