Product Buyers' Guides

Expert advice from Sally Drury on how to choose and buy horticultural equipment for landscaping, sports turf maintenance, parks, green spaces, amenity turf and botanic and historic gardens. How to choose tractors, mowers, chainsaws, hedgecutters and other machinery for fuel efficiency, fast work cycles, low maintenance overheads, green fuel options and operator comfort.

Latest Buyers' Guides

Battery power: often cheaper to purchase and easier to start and operate - image: Husqvarna

Buyers' guide - Chainsaws

Chainsaw sales are buoyant at the moment; it's that time of year. Winter gale damage needs clearing and firewood preparing.

Vermeer BC190XL woodchipper - image: HW

Buyers' guide - Woodchippers

Details of the latest machines currently being offered by the major suppliers in the market, collated by Sally Drury.

Image: HW

Buyers' guide - Liquid fertilisers

Foliar feeds are a fast and effective way to get nutrients into plants, Sally Drury explains

Polytunnels provide enhanced conditions with most suitable light for growth

Buyers' guide - Polytunnels

Protecting your crops with the most up-to-date structures can help you to secure the best prices, Sally Drury explains.

Vertitop 1200 for synthetic turf - image: Charterhouse Turf Machinery

How to buy - blowers, vacs and sweepers

Handheld, walk-behind, ride-on, mounted and trailed machines with different power options are available for all jobs across a range of sites, Sally Drury explains.

Rotorake TM1000: tractor-mounted scarifier available from Sisis - image: SISIS

How to buy - aerators and scarifiers

Using the right equipment is essential to ensure that grass roots get the air, water and nutrients they need to thrive, Sally Drury explains.

Massey Ferguson: UK distributor AGCO - image: Massey Ferguson

How to buy - tractors

Tasks, implements and power requirement should all be considered when choosing the right model for your needs, says Sally Drury

 Controlled-release fertiliser applied to nursery crops - image: Everris

Buyers' guide - Controlled-release fertiliser

Precision, convenience and labour savings have all contributed to the increased popularity of these products, Sally Drury explains.

Formats: Borneo planter to sit on railings - image: BATO

Buyers' guide - pots and containers

New developments include a trial of biodegradable pots and research on the benefits of decorating, Gavin McEwan explains

Hedge trimmers: tractor-mounted flail options and handheld units for professionals - image: McConnell/HW/EGO Power+

How to buy - hedge trimmers

Most hedges need to be cut or trimmed several times a year and the choice of kit will depend on their size, species and setting, Sally Drury explains

Tubex: tree shelters are designed to protect and enhance the growth of young plants - image: Green-tech

How to buy - Tree guards and shelters

Young and newly planted trees need protection against a range of threats to their successful establishment, says Sally Drury.

Greentech tree stakes and ties - image: Greentech

How to buy - tree stakes and ties

Various options are available to support young trees, Sally Drury explains.

Image: HW

How to buy - liquid fertilisers

Foliar feeding can be useful when plants require a supplement, Sally Drury explains.

Efficiency: a range of tractor-mounted equipment can be used to improve productivity - image: Wessex International

Buyer's guide - blowers, vacs and sweepers

Many of the latest tractor-mounted and towed machines can improve productivity, Sally Drury explains.