Buyers' guide - Woodchippers

Details of the latest machines currently being offered by the major suppliers in the market, collated by Sally Drury.

Vermeer BC190XL woodchipper - image: HW
Vermeer BC190XL woodchipper - image: HW

Brand Products Supplier

Chipper/shredder for garden use, 50mm capacity, 6.5hp petrol engine

FGM Claymore
Arbor Eater

Petrol: 50mm (5hp), 110mm (13hp); diesel: 150mm (35hp); power take-off (PTO): 110mm, 150mm, 260mm — range of shredders also available


Diesel disc- and drum-style chippers: 6in (152mm), 9in (228mm), 12in (305mm), 15in (381mm), 17in (432mm), 18in (457mm), 19in (483mm), 21in (533mm), 24in (600mm) with engines from 27-350hp including tracked machines — also PTO disc chippers and 4in (102mm) gravity unit (18hp)

Global Recycling

Vegetation processors for timber/green waste including petrol models: 80mm (14hp), 100mm (18hp), 150mm (18hp, 23hp or 30hp); diesel models: 100mm (16hp), 150mm (27hp or 35hp); PTO models: 80mm, 100mm and 150mm

Ryetec Industrial Equipment

Two-blade 50mm petrol chipper plus petrol chipper/shredder with 80mm and 100mm capacity and 90mm chipper/shredder for two-wheel tractor

Echo Bear Cat

Petrol chipper/shredders, 2in (50mm) and 3in (76mm), with Briggs & Stratton or Subaru engines

Echo Bear Cat

Eleven electric and petrol chipper/shredders, 30-140mm, 4-24hp engines — latest models: Super Prof self-propelled and Super Prof Trailed

PSD Groundscare

Road-tow and tracked 6in (150mm) machines with 35hp Kubota diesel engines, road-tow and tracked 8in (200mm) units with 45hp Kubota diesel engines — latest model: XR8 Traxion tracked machine with 8x10in (200x250mm) infeed powered by 50hp Kubota turbo diesel engine

Redwood Global and Orange Plant

Diesel: 150m(25hp), 170mm (32 or 42hp), 200mm (40hp), 260mm (50 or 60hp), 280mm (80hp), 360mm (220hp) — all models also offered as PTO

Chippers International

Brushmaster chipper/shredder: 63mm (petrol 6.5hp); Garden Master chipper/shredders, 75mm (petrol 5.5hp, 6.5hp or 9hp); Forester chipper/shredders, 100mm (petrol 10hp or 13hp petrol or PTO)

Green Shredder Co

Petrol chippers: 100mm (16hp or 18hp), 130mm (23hp); diesel chippers: 150mm (26hp or 34hp), 160mm (34hp), 190mm (45hp), 220mm (50hp); tracked chippers: 160mm (34hp diesel); SAFE-Trak embankment models: 160mm (35hp), 190mm (45hp); PTO models: 100mm, 150mm, 220mm; EcoCombi combination chipper/shredder: 150mm (35hp diesel); turntable models — latest machines: Arborist 200 and ArbTrak 200 (see p37)

Hardmet Landforce

Chip range of diesel chippers: 135mm (27hp), 165mm (30hp), 200mm (40hp), 235mm (54hp); Laski range: 100mm (25hp or 27hp petrol), 150mm (28.5hp diesel) including tracked and PTO options; Duo diesel chipper/shredders: 135mm (27hp), 165mm (30hp), 200mm (40hp), 235mm (54hp).

Hardmet Landforce

Diesel chippers: 150mm (27hp or 27hp), 200mm (60hp), 260mm (70hp or 74hp) — also PTO version: 210mm


Diesel chippers: 150mm (31.5hp, 35hp or 37.5hp), 190mm≠pider for embankments; PTO models: 150mm, 190mm, 200mm, 230mm, 250mm, 300mm

Redwood UK
Husted (NHS)

Danish-built NHS diesel chippers: 130mm (28hp), 180mm (52hp), 220mm (68hp); PTO models: 130mm, 175mm, 180mm, 220mm, 300mm, 450mm


Petrol gravity-fed chipper/shredder: 65mm (5.5hp); two 65mm PTO models for compacts and two-wheel tractors

PC Stall

PTO: 270mm


Diesel chippers: 100mm, 125mm, 175mm; PTO models: 125mm, 175mm


Diesel chippers: 130mm (20hp), 160mm (28hp), 170mm (35hp), 190mm (35 or 45hp), 210mm and 220mm (60hp), 230mm and 250mm (80hp), 300mm (100hp) — all offered in PTO versions, as is a 340mm model; track and turntable options available and a 210mm machine for Unimogs

Overland Environmental

Petrol gravity chippers: 75mm (13hp), 100mm (18hp); petrol chippers: 125mm or 200mm (20hp); diesel chippers: 150mm (35hp), 160mm (35hp), 190mm (45hp), 230mm (64hp): PTO models: 100mm (gravity), 150mm; tracked diesel models: 150mm (35hp), 190mm (45hp) plus 150mm (35hp) and 190mm (45hp) tracked model for variable gradients; various turntable options; also road-tow shredders — latest machine: TW 280 TFTR 8in on tracks, with 245mm ground clearance and powered by a Kubota V1505T four-cylinder engine 

TP Woodchippers

Diesel chippers: 130mm (25hp), 160mm (35hp), 200mm (52hp), 250mm (72hp) with turntable and tracked options; 100mm gravity feed plus 130mm, 160mm and 200mm hydraulic feed PTO chippers; PTO-driven Forestline biomass chippers from 230mm to 400mm also available

AT Osborne
TS Industrie (previously Saelen and Tunnissen)

Gardenmaster Concept chipper/shredders: 100mm (14hp petrol or PTO); Mutli-Vegetation Concept chipper/shredders: 110mm, 130mm, 140mm, 150mm, 170mm, 200m with petrol (18hp to 30hp), diesel (17hp to 74hp) and PTO options; Wood Concept chippers: 150mm, 180mm, 200mm, 230mm and 260mm diesel (35hp to 75hp) and PTO

PSD Groundscare

Electric chippers or shredder or combination chipper/shredder: 35mm; also 60mm petrol chipper/shredder (4.5hp)


Diesel chippers: 160mm (26hp), 230mm (66hp), 300mm (85hp), 305mm (110hp), 530mm (275hp) — latest machine: BC190XL 

Vermeer UK

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