How to Buy - Field sprayers

The latest self-propelled, tractor-mounted and trailed models all have new features, says Sally Drury

Varidome: quick-release clamp will enable easy repositioning of sprayer’s carriages. Image: Micron
Varidome: quick-release clamp will enable easy repositioning of sprayer’s carriages. Image: Micron

Q What is new in self-propelled sprayers?

A Agrifac’s Condor self-propelled sprayer range has been expanded with a new engine — offering more power but consuming less diesel. The Condor AdBlue’s engine boasts Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology and uses AdBlue as an additive fluid injected into the exhaust gas to cut NOx emissions.

SCR technology benefits from a compact build and particle filter disposal is eliminated. The end result is greater engine efficiency, less maintenance and minimised ecological impact.

The Condor is the first self-propelled sprayer on the international market to fulfil Stage 111B/Tier 4A regulations.

The engine is introduced with two power outputs — 205hp and 285hp. Branded Iveco, both AdBlue engines have six cylinders and are available for all types of Condor model.

The 285hp model is suited to hilly conditions and situations where more power is required, including the 5,000-litre flagship model and LiquidPlus model for applying high-density liquid fertilisers.

It is expected that Agrifac will shortly introduce another addition to the Condor portfolio — an XXL size. This model will feature a lengthened four-wheel StabiloPlus chassis and an even stronger engine.

With working speeds up to 40kmph, the XXL will also have a bigger tank and should appeal to those with limited access to water resources.

Q Are there any new sprayers for tractor mounting?

A Team Sprayers is launching its new mounted sprayer Arian this year.

Replacing the Custom Deluxe, Arian is designed for contractors who require a tough, British-built sprayer to meet every possible application need from smooth silt to intensive bed work.

Team sales director Danny Hubbard explains: "It’s the boom that takes the punishment and we have designed and built a range of robust options up to 24m in steel tubular sections with a three-dimensional structure that guarantees years of strength and durability plus a very good ride on all surfaces."

Booms can be part folded to give working widths of 9m, 11m or 12m. Viable boom geometry is available as an optional extra.

Triple nozzle assemblies are also offered and there is a choice of three tank sizes — 1,000, 1,200 or 1,500 litres with the option of front tanks up to 1,500 litres.

Also new from Team is Sigma, a close-coupled, mounted design with impressive boom options. Available with 800-, 1,000- and 1,200-litre tanks, it replaces Team’s Custom Standard range and can be supplied with a range of booms that fold to a compact 2.4m for transport.

Users can choose from a 12m manual fold Auto-Glide boom or 12-20m rear-fold hydraulic booms. They can be part folded for narrower applications and aluminium break-back end sections keep the steel booms light while close coupling optimises weight distribution on small tractors of 70-100hp.

Hubbard says: "We feel there is a market for the Sigma with small to medium-sized farmers and growers, especially in the West Country, Wales, Scotland and the Channel Islands where smaller fields are common."

The new models have the option of a quick-hitch three-point linkage system and a removable chassis-mounted wheel kit for ease of moving around the workshop.

Q What’s new in trailed sprayers for field use?

A Replacing the Racer, Berthoud’s new Sprinter compact trailed sprayer will be available early next year. It has a 2,500-litre tank and is suited to use with smaller tractors. The sprayer is available with a choice of controls packages and a new RLD 18-24m boom with anti-yaw protection.

The unit also boasts a lightweight Axiale-style centre frame and 230/95 44 tyres with wheel options up to 420mm. There is a 260-litre clean water tank and a Gamma 130 pump.

To meet the demand for a high-capacity tank, John Deere has added the 5,200-litre R952i sprayer to its trailed range. Like its bigger stablemate, the 6,200-litre R962i launched in 2011, the R952i features a low-profile, compact design and a low centre of gravity, to provide optimum stability under all spraying conditions.

The hi-spec machine is equipped as standard with a number of intelligent features to make spraying easier, more accurate and more profitable. A wide choice of 24-40m durable steel spray booms is available, fitted with BoomGuard anti-yaw suspension.

An option on the R952i, John Deere’s BoomTrac system is designed to provide boom stability during spraying by measuring the actual boom height 50 times a second and comparing this with the target height.

When a difference is detected, BoomTrac automatically adjusts the boom height and tilt angle to ensure the optimum position, whether spraying in the field or turning at the headland.

Q What developments have there been for inter-row applications?

A Cereals 2013, staged at Boothby Graffoe near Lincoln on 12-13 June, will see the launch of a new quick-release clamp for Micron’s Varidome brand sprayer.

The clamp facilitates easy repositioning of the carriages to suit different row spacings — a feature likely to appeal to contractors. At the turn of a single nut, users will be able to slide the carriage along the toolbar and easily reconfigure the machine.

Sprayers: guide to suppliers’ equipment plus contact details

Agrifac UK

Tel 01354 660552

Agrifac offers a complete range of sprayers from 2,800 litres up to 7,200 litres in capacity and with booms of working widths up to a massive 51m. Agrifac tells us that all machines — beet harvesters, drain cleaners or sprayers — have been developed according the "4 Es for growers" concept.

The four Es are efficient, economical, ergonomic and ecological. Agrifac machines take into account the needs of the driver, contractor, supplier and environment.

After sales support manager Matt Carse says: "Agrifac users want to grow and develop, and care for their crops as economically and ecologically as possible to achieve more profit."


Tel 01302 751200

Amazone’s crop-protection line-up includes mounted, trailed and self-propelled sprayers available in working widths from 12-40m with tank sizes from 900-6,200 litres. The range also features GPS-Switch for accurate positioning and control.

Bargam Sprayers

Tel 01361 883418

A full range of sprayers from 200-litre mounted units to 7,000-litre trailed sprayers is offered along with self-propelled models. Also, Bargam (Cleveland Crop Sprayers) supplies Arag components, including Digiwolf flowmeters and computers, to the sprayer sector. GPS systems and rate controllers are also available.

Bateman Engineering

Tel 01769 580439

As a specialist manufacturer of self-propelled sprayers, Bateman Engineering offers 125-275hp models with tank capacities of 2,500-5,000 litres, plus 18-42m booms.

Bateman sprayers benefit from active suspension, hydraulic adjustable axles and mechanical two/four-wheel drive. It also manufactures the Accu-Rate dribble bar fertiliser system.

Berthoud sprayers

Tel 01553 774997

Having started sprayer production more than a century ago in the vineyards of France, Berthoud knows plenty about effective spraying of hard and soft fruits. Its extensive range includes mounted and trailed fruit sprayers with delivery systems dedicated to the crop type from cane-grown berries to table-top fruit in tunnels, orchards and open-field production.

Top sellers in the UK include the trailed Fructair orchard sprayer with 900mm rear intake fan and optional tower systems and the articulated Twistair soft-fruit sprayer. Berthoud vegetable sprayers are available in mounted, trailed and self-propelled designs.

Electrostatic Spraying Systems

Tel 01756 700965

ESS row-crop sprayers provide air-assisted, low-volume spraying operations for growers working with a wide variety of crops from strawberries to leafy green.

The company also supplies spraying and application equipment for narrow row, vineyard, orchard and greenhouse use.

Garford Farm Machinery

Tel 01778 342642

Garford specialises in row-crop equipment, including Robocrop InRow Guided Hoes and Robocrop InRow Weeders, but also supplies hooded sprayers for inter-row use.

Band widths of 10-60cm can be accommodated, with a choice of two hood sizes. The hooded sprayer can be equipped with full spraying systems, with a tank up to 400 litres or with front-mounted tanks of higher capacities if required.

Also available is the Garford Weedfoil Weedwiper pad for herbicide transfer.

Hardi UK

Tel 01455 222230

Hardi manufactures the global brand of lift-mounted, trailed and self-propelled sprayers, along with mist blowers, amenity and power sprayers plus backpack and compression units.

Hypro EU

Tel: 01954 260097

Hypro-EU — established as Lurmark — has been manufacturing spray nozzles since 1954. Today’s products include variable-pressure, air-inclusion, low-drift, full cone, hollow cone, deflector, misting, off-centre nozzles and boomless spraying and liquid fertiliser nozzles as well as pumps.

John Deere

Tel 0800 085 2522

John Deere’s award-winning sprayer range includes mounted, trailed and self-propelled models for all crops and conditions. Tank capacities span from 1,000-6,200 litres and boom widths from 18-40m.

Pump outputs range from 160-560 litres per minute. Intelligent iSolutions features reduce the potential for operator error and environmental pollution, as well as providing faster and more precise tank filling, rinsing and spraying.

These include the advanced Sectional Control automatic boom control, the SolutionCommand automatic solution management system with AutoDilute and the BoomTrac automatic boom height and tilt control system to increase spray accuracy.

Knight Farm Machinery

Tel 01780 722200

Manufacturer of specialist crop sprayers — trailed, mounted, demount, front-tank and self-propelled models — along with full GPS integration and advanced fluid control.

Kuhn Farm Machinery

Tel 01952 239300

Whether you are a grower of ornamentals, fruit and vegetables — indoors or out — or a spray contractor, Kuhn claims to have a cost-effective solution to your requirements.

It manufactures and distributes a wide range of sprayers. With capacities of up to 3,000 litres, it includes spot/boom sprayers in demount, wheelbarrow or three-point linkage configuration as well as mist sprayers available as
three-point linkage or trailed.

As standard with constant pressure regulation, the sprayers can be
fitted with fully automated DPAE systems as well as an innovative dosing system.

Martin Lishman

Tel 01778 426600

Martin Lishman offers a wide range of compact spraying systems, including ATV-mounted, tractor-mounted, demount, trailed and pedestrian models.

Tank sizes vary from 50-600 litres and booms from 1-18m. The compact spraying systems are suited to a variety of applications, including spot treatments, field margins, crop stores, paddocks and more.

Micron Sprayers

Tel 01885 482397

Manufacturer of specialist precision spraying equipment, Micron offers Varidome inter-row sprayers, shielded Enviro equipment, single- and dual-tank systems, non-drop weedwipers and handheld applicators as well as CDA sprayers.

Team Sprayers

Tel 01353 661211

Since 1981, family-owned business Team has designed and manufactured sprayers for commercial and amenity use. It has developed a full range of units, highly engineered to meet the demands of the farming environment.

Diversification has been a main factor in Team’s success, manufacturing and producing machinery to customers’ requirements, and although agricultural sprayers have played a major part in the firm’s history, other market areas including horticulture, amenity, special bespoke machines and runway de-icers are important.

Techneat Engineering

Tel 01353 862044

The company now has more than 20 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing application machinery for growers and amenity use. Techneat Engineering also supplies broadcast units for slug pellets.


Tel 0208 996 4813

Weedingtech’s thermal weeding solution – Foamstream – is completely non-toxic and kills weeds using a combination of hot water, steam and foam made from natural and renewable plant oils and sugars.

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