Brexit - the impact on horticulture

The latest news on and reaction to the decision to leave the EU and how it is affecting the UK horticulture industry including garden retail, plant production, edibles production, landscaping, parks, sports turf and arboriculture.


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Governmental updates relating to Brexit

Brexit Tracker: LIVE TABLE

Our live table includes details of key Brexit-related policy, legislation and guidance documents published by UK government departments, non-departmental public bodies, devolved administrations and the European Commission and its agencies.

Edibles and ornamentals focus


Growers address labour challenges at summit

Clock House Farm initiated a gathering of growers, government approved operators and stakeholder organisations in London this November to discuss how to address the challenges associated with overseas recruitment – including concerns regarding migrant worker welfare.

Mark Spencer - credit: Richard Townshend (CC by 3.0)

Brexit and pandemic to blame for export decline says Defra

Shadow international trade minister Gareth Thomas asked Defra what assessment it has made of the reasons for the UK florist industry's decline in trade with the EU.

A plantation of trees run by Hillier

Fortress Britain or homegrown trees?

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