Best gardening April's Fools

Rounding up a dozen recent garden tales that may have fooled you.

Credit: Jamieson Brothers

Jamieson Brothers' new product for April is easy chip seed potatoes. "These potatoes have been bred so that once you harvest them and peel the skin off they instantly split apart into either French fries or chunky chips depending on which variety you choose. Chip shops and home cooks will love this amazing time saving product so be sure and tag them."

New HortWeek new plants writer Michael Perry promoted the Flori Opal smellivision app. His previous April Fools have included the sunflower with a USB port, the growable t-shirt, dip bulbs into fresh Dutch river water and they’ll sprout instantly and the rare blue Lily.

And HortWeek had the 'human-proof tulip'.

In 2022, YPHA launched MAPHA for middle-aged horticulturists, with Bransfords, Johnsons of Whixley, RHS and Neville Stein among the 'medium people'.

British Garden Centres produced some unusual signs. Heavy Plant Crossing

A 'royal' peat replacement story stank - a Royal deer manure peat replacement product hit market

RHS and GMB did a video:

Pengelly Garden Centre in Cornwall found a Cornish pasty-growing seed.

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