Arboriculture framework in Bedfordshire to include ash dieback and tree planting work

Luton Council is offering up to £1,200,000 will be paid out over four years .

The local authority is inviting arboricultural contracts to join the framework for work that is split into 3 lots:

Lot 1: Reactive works worth up to £335,000

Includes all works that need to be delivered within 10 days of notification

Framework Agreement will comprise a primary supplier with up to 3 contingent suppliers

Primary supplier will be offered all works initially. Any work turned down or not delivered within the time frame will then be offered to contingents

Lot 2: Planned works worth up to £230,000

• Planned works includes basal/epicormic, pollarding and other identified/inspected works

• LBC Contract will be offered to a single supplier (Arboriculture Association Approved contractors only)

• Contractor must maintain and manage an agreed schedule of planned works

Lot 3: Tree inspection and consultancy worth £600,000

• To deliver consultancy and tree inspection services including support to deliver future Tree strategy

• LBC Contract will be offered to a single supplier 

• Volume of tree inspections to be completed annually expected to be at least 10,000 per annum

• Deliver ash die back strategy and plan, tree planting strategy and Stockwood Park Veteran tree survey report plus identification of continuous improvement opportunities

• Includes a 1-year extension option to utilise to support future framework development, evaluation, delivery and integration

In all three lots there is "zero guarantee of work".

The closing date for receipt of expressions of interest is 3 February.

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