21 August - Check end dates

Methiocarb - Commercial slug pellets containing this active ingredient have an end sales date of 18 September 2014 and use-up end date of 19 September 2015.

EAMU update - Several products have been issued new EAMU numbers and others have been updated but retain the same code. Check the CRD website.

Spider mites - Apply Borneo (EAMU 2008-1216), Dursban WG, Dynamec, Envidor (EAMU 2012-0254), Eradicoat, Hallmark WZT (EAMU 2008-2944), Majestik, Masai, Naturalis-L, Oberon (EAMU 2004-1718), Savona, SB Plant Invigorator or Sequel (EAMU 2009-3061) depending on crop location, whether predators are being used and what pest life stages are present - no one product will control every stage.

Seed-borne diseases - Rovral AquaFlo or Apron XL (EAMU 2010-2539) can be used to pre-treat seeds of alyssum, antirrhinum, Chierianthus, cyclamen, impatiens, lobelia, lupin, nicotiana and others against Alternaria, Botrytis, fungal leaf spots including Colletotrichum and Ramularia, downy mildews, bacterial leaf spot types (Pseudomonas and Xanthomonas) and Rhizoctonia.

Shot-hole - In wet weather, or with overhead irrigation, apply a tank mix of copper plus Serenade ASO (EAMUs required) to ornamental Prunus and magnolias.

Phoma - Repeated controls required on ceanothus, lavenders, Viburnum and Vinca. It causes growing tip and stem dieback, and can be confused with drought symptoms. Control using Cercobin WG (EAMUs required), Octave, Serenade ASO (EAMUs required) or Switch.

Feeding - Change liquid feeding to high-potash products to harden up soft foliage and green-up pale leaves.

Waste exemptions - Check whether exemptions are in place for using, disposing, treating and storing untreated waste plant material at the Environment Agency website.

Mare's tail - Control with products containing glufosinate-aluminium. Apply with a hooded sprayer in crop areas. If you use glyphosate, bruise the weed first to aid uptake. Products with amitrole, dicamba or MCPA will give good knock-down control but are safer in non-crop areas.

Red bud mite - Ensure that ties are tight during tree budding to prevent mites from entering behind buds.


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